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Linarii Clan: An Elven Clan of Karameikos

by Joaquin Menchaca


The Linarii are a peaceful people and are devote pacifists. They refuse to take a life even if this is to save their own. They feel that they must show they path to peace for others by example. They also choose to abstain from having emotions as emotions can lead to violence. Even positive emotions can quickly turn to hatred or anger. Thus all emotions are voluntarily suppressed. In the absence of emotions only purity of thought and logic exists. Through logic one can achieve greatness and prosperity. By following emotions and practicing warfare, one is only inviting and encouraging death.

Through this study of logic one obtains purity and control over one's mind. This control allows a person to explore the seldom-used portions of the mind. Most Linarii now through the years are telepaths and many have developed other psionic powers. All Linarii have the ability to use Missive.

Long ago the Linarii were once apart of the Calarii people. The Calarii started to emphasise individual combat prowess and the studying the art of warfare as a means to assure elven safety. The Calarii believed that they could purify the mind and body through this training. A group of scholars at this time however had a different opinion. These scholars felt that if elves cease all their violent tendencies, that only peace will come to the elves. Many Calarii did not appreciate this ideology as many elves valiantly gave their lives to vigorously defend the elves from genocide by the massive hordes of humanoids of the legendary past. Yet still the philosophy of peace and pacifism grew into a majority. The remaining warrior minded Calarii forcibly expelled the pacifists from their lands. They pacifist peacefully left to wander they forest in search of a new home. They renamed themselves, Linarii.

As the Linarii voyaged outside of the Calarii lands, they were fiercely attacked by the denizens of Dymrak forest. Many Linarii refused to fight back, and were savagely killed. Seeing this, some chose to journey back to the Calarii in hopes of being welcomed back, while others chose to remain.

Their voyage seemed over before it has begun. All seemed hopeless until one night they heard whisperings in the wind about an invitation to a hidden land called Haven. The Linarii followed those whisperings and they came upon Haven, and they have resided there ever since. The whisperings were of an immortal patron called Talishia by the elves. Talishia created the city and valley of Haven in hopes of creating a peaceful utopian society where all can prosper in peace and harmony.

The Linarii are always Lawful good and sometimes Lawful neutral. They follow the way of order as do the Calarii and are respected contributing citizens of Haven. Many Linarii are amoral following the path of logic, which gives the appearance that the Linarii are cold hearted. Since the Linarii are devote pacifist, this gives them the appearance that they are good.

In following the philosophy of logic, the Linarii have discovered psionic abilities and are trained at an early age. All Linarii must be trained with class level 1 in either Pscion or Psychic Warrior. The Linarii can choose other classes and not suffer penalties from having level differences for either Pscion or Psychic Warrior. (see PHB: Experience for Multiclass Characters, page 56)

The more scholarly personality will choose to a Pscion class and sometimes combine this with arcane arts. All Linarii are devote pacifists, but a few recognise the need for self-defence and have studied the old Calarii ways of war. These more aggressive Linarii will have a class that uses combat skills, such as a Psychic Warrior, Fighter, or Monk. A popular role amongst these Linarii consists of a Monk/Psychic-Warrior combination.

Statistics of Linarii Clan

Clan Relations: The Linarii strive to maintain a neutral attitude towards all species, but they cannot help not admire Vyalias quest to protect life. The Linarii are given respect the other clans, with exception being Calarii. The Calarii view the Linarii as a mistake that should never have existed or survived. The Dinarii are neutral as the Linarii are isolationists and seldom interact with humans.
Alignment: As the Linarii follow a strict path of logic and peace, they are considered Lawful. The Linarii are devote pacifists and disdain using violence and thus are good.

Linarii Lands: The Linarii live in a city known as Haven, which exists between reality and the DreamLand.

Languages: The Linarii are able to converse in elven and can read/write elven script. Most Linarii prefer to speak amongst each other Telepathically (D&D3E: Missive).

Favoured Class: Pscion or Psychic Warrior (see D&D3E Psionics Handbook)