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Linguistic archaeology map for human civilizations

by Sean Meaney

Here is the linguistic archaeology map for human civilization development I've been undertaking through 2020. 

Given we use earth-like civilizations in the Mystara setting it will be significant to the development of other ancient and unknown cultures.
For example the T linguistic group are pre-Toltec/ pre-Aztec, and a group of males from the T group cross the Atlantic becoming the African male pre-Tswana (south African) Tribe. 

For the D&D Mystaran setting it offers significant historical information such as the founders of a southern Davinian 'South African' civilization in the southern hemisphere who would be descendants of pre-Azcan Neathar who made it to Davinia by crossing the sea before the Nithians existed as a pyramid building civilization.

The L group created the Sail and light (I assume the use of fire as a light source), and Ale, but for the life of me I can't identify them- they may have been wiped out and been lost to history. But 'Sail' is made of the prefix Sa- which means goose and duck so the first sail might have been a feather stuck in a leaf and conceived as a sail boat.