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The County of Lintaine

by Matthew Fleet


On the Northern shores of the Great Bay in Norwold, roughly North East of the city of Alpha. Approximately 50 miles West of the Ljallenvais mountains.


Ruler: Countess Magdelena Lintaine (originally from Darokin). She is a 19th Level Cleric of Tarastia.

Population: 4000 total
Portway: 2,000
Wye-on-Vale: 300
Therwick: 450
Rolling Glade: 500
Mystdale: 450
Resolute Keep (and surrounding areas): 300

Note: the total population is quite low, as parts of the County are wilderness areas.

Revenue per month
Resource Income: 1,275 gp
Tax Income: 750 gp

Military (full time)
100 Archers
150 Swordsmen
50 Heavy Cavalry (for fighting on the plains)
60 Marines and 2 Galleys

This army is led by Lord Roderigas, a 14th Level fighter who is an old adventuring friend of the Countess. The army has 5 F3 and 2 F5 as officers.


Mainly timber, livestock and vegetable produce. Most of this is shipped to the city Alpha for sale. An exploratory mining operation is currently in progress in the hills to the east of the County, but has so far not discovered anything of interest.

Places of Note on the Map


This is the capital of the County. All trade to Alpha passes through the city. The Baron of Portway (Baron Varlis, F16) is responsible for its defence. Although the Barony of Portway is quite small, the responsibility of the Baron is not, as more than half of the population of Lintaine County live within his borders, and he is also responsible for the safety of the main trade routes as well.

A few trading houses from Leeha and Darokin have recently set up bases in Portway, and are currently doing what they do best – which is make money.

Elven Foresthome

This is small as foresthomes go in Norwold, with about 300 inhabitants. The elves never venture into the boundaries of Lintaine County, preferring to stay near their homes, or venturing out to the West instead. As a consequence of this, the Countess is unaware of their existence.

No trouble is likely to ensue unless any game hunters from the County decide to stray near the foresthome. This is unlikely, as there is plenty of game to be found within the county’s borders, but it cannot be ruled out entirely...

The elven magist of Lintaine County suspects there are elves living nearby, due to observing some hunter markings in the Western forested area of the county while out gathering herbs, but has no conclusive proof, and has no real desire to go delving into the wilderness outside of the County in order to find out.

Goblin Camp

This camp is situated on the far south of the Noskumis plains. They never venture into the forested areas to the south, as they have been attacked by the elves and took a number of casualties. This camp is no current threat to the County, as they usually stick to the plains only, where they have territorial familiarity. The camp numbers about 275 goblins, some of them offspring.


This forested area falls within the county, but is largely unexplored. Although nothing seems to come out of this forest and cause mischief, there is no telling what adventurers would find there if they explored the area.

Rumours of the existence of a lone ghostly female elf are in circulation, but no proof has been forthcoming that this is true. Unnatural wolf cries have been heard on a few occasions, but nothing further has ever come of it.

Other Information

Viscountess Magdelena has recently been tasked with attempting to negotiate with Littonia and Kaarjala with regards to these nations falling under King Ericall. Neither kings of these two regions are currently prepared to relinquish their title of King and swear fealty to Ericall, so not much progress has been made with this regards yet.

The County of Lintaine is one of the few dominions loyal to King Ericall which is situated North of the Great bay. In fact the only others (as at 1000AC) are a small elven dominion ruled by Quillam Elm-Grower and a selection of small dominions which collectively are called Karawenn (the GM is free to add others!). Therefore, if anybody stationed in Alpha wanted to explore the Northern shores and Alpha, they would probably pass through the County of Lintaine in their travels.