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Lis Elsasdottir

by Jacob Skytte

Lawful 1st level Thief (Str 8, Int 9, Wis 7, Dex 14, Con 13, Cha 11, AC 8, hp 4) Personality Traits: Cautious/Rash 17/3, Modest/Proud 18/2, Trusting/Suspicious 4/16 16 years old, Blond hair, Blue eyes

"I'm still not sure I understand, but I believe in you."

As the youngest daughter of Elsa the Seal and Jarl Geirstein Thorgelson of Noslosford, Lis was soon cowed by her father into accepting her role as a bride for an eventual political marriage. As she did not possess the strong will of her older sister Oda, she never thought to actively fight for any other life. Lis has always been close to her older brother Bue and just as he would do anything for her, she would do the same for him. While she has become a very guarded and cautious individual, she has no secrets from Bue and trusts completely in him and his choices. Any friend of Bue's is viewed in a very good light by Lis, but she will not open up to any other.

Though Lis is troubled by the fate of her family, she continues to believe in Bue and his choices. She has accepted his explanation that most of her family are greedy and ambitious. She misses her mother though, and mourns for her fate as King Hord's thrall, hoping that Bue will find a way to free Elsa.

Bue believes that Lis is the epitome of innocence, where the truth might actually be that Lis has blinded herself to a lot of truths in order to cope with her situation and still be able to live with herself.

Even though Lis has not been formally educated, she has the class of thief. That doesn't mean that she steals from anybody (not unless asked to by Bue), but those are the skills she has developed to cope with her situation, perhaps in a quiet way of rebelling against her father.

Lis carries no weapons or armour and has absolutely no combat skills.