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Lord John's spells

by Kit Navarro

John's Unforgettable Slap of Impunity
Level: 3
Range: 0
Duration: 1d4 rounds
Area of Effect: 1 creature + all creatures within sight or hearing
Casting Time: 2
Components: S, M
Save: None

This distinctively Glantrian spell was not crafted by Lord John Beaumarys-Moorkroft, but it was inspired by that scandalous incident between Lord John and his former mistress Doņa Carmina de Belcadiz which became the talk of Glantrian society for years to come. This elegant enchantment has a unique value in social settings, but it can have other uses if applied creatively.

The wizard triggers this spell by a simple action of raising his hand, palm open as if preparing to slap his target. Within the same round, the wizard unerringly slaps his target exactly on the cheek with a crisp audible smack. The slap itself does not cause any damage, but the target's cheek will sting painfully and turn the deepest crimson.

The magic of the spell is that the target will be unable to react to the caster in any way for 1d4 rounds, out of surprise, shock, fear, embarrassment, indignance or other suitable emotion. The spell also affects all living creatures within the area of effect, such that all who hear or see the slapping incident will never forget it, except by magical means (ie a forget spell) and even that should be difficult (with a +2 bonus to saves).

This spell does not have any direct effect on any action that takes place after its duration.

The material component of this spell is a piece of Belcadizian lace stained with rouge or carmine. This must be kept on the person of the caster and is consumed in the casting of the spell.