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Location: Continent of Skothar, Swanamutu region, east of Tangor.

Area: Not precise, but the unclaimed jungle covers about 220,077 sq. mi. (570,000 sq. km.).

Population: 72,000.

Languages: Goblin, Hobgoblin, Sedcymrian (degenerated Cymrian language).

Coinage: Barter only; otherwise Tangor coins.

Taxes: None.

Government Type: Clans.

Industries: Hunting and gathering, some agriculture (manioca), raiding.

Important Figures: None.

Climate and Terrain: Lleweryn is tropical. Winter is short (about a couple of months) and rather rainy, the temperature ranging from 10 to 15C; autumn and spring are long, warm (20 to 30C) and vary much from year to year. Summers are hot and generally are made up of a rainy month with a couple of dry months immediately before autumn. During the summer, temperatures may reach 35C, and the humidity is incredible.

Flora and Fauna: The animals encountered here may be jaguars, baboons, apes, crocodiles and alligators, and many, many species of insects and snakes of different degrees of poison strength. Flora includes the typical jungle trees, but near the mountains and westward toward Tangor pine trees may be easily encountered.

Further Reading: The Southern Skothar Gazetteer by Giulio Caroletti.

Description by Erakliton.

Lleweryn is the name by which most of the Tangor jungle is known. Lleweryn was originally the name of a hivebrood colony that was present at the centre of the jungle, which since has moved to Cymru. Now the name refers to the wide region of jungle that has not been claimed by any human kingdom. To the west and south it borders the Tangor Empire, to the north Cymru and the Gobland Mountains, to the northwest Durhan, and to the east the westernmost kingdoms of the Westbay area.

About 70,000 goblinoids call Lleweryn home. They are divided into seven major clans, but these are far from united, and they are mostly divided into loose tribes that live on the fruits and game of the jungle, and cultivate manioca.

A small community of 2,000 Cymrians who call themselves the Dark Seed live here, in a town in the southern parts of the forest, not far from the Tangor borders. They have managed to free themselves from the hivebroods that now control their ancestral lands, and live with a consuming hatred for Tangors and hivebroods alike; their lives and habits have become more savage, and they are not too different in behaviour from any one of the goblinoid tribes, apart from their internal unity.