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by Roger LV Girtman II

Minor Deity (Temporal of Energy)
Portfolio/Interests: Shadow Elves, Revenge for the Jaded, disgraced and sorrowful.
Symbol: A smoky apparition of a Shadowelven bust.
Home Plane: Shattenlund (Shadow Land, Demiplane)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Worshippers: Shadow Elves, "Followers" who have been disenchanted in their "Leaders"; Winged Morphers (See below).
Cleric Alignment: Any.
Domains: Protection, Law, Liberation
Favoured Weapon: Dagger.

Illustration: Llothandaros appears to be a tall stately Shadowelf sporting magnificent black dragon wings.

Llothandaros was a shadowelf follower of Rafiel. Although he was not a very successful adventurer, Rafiel was so impressed with Llothandaros's piety, dedication and intelligence that the physicist sponsored the mortal. As a gift, Rafiel gave Llothandaros his own home plane--Shattenlund.
Shortly after ascending, Llothandaros discovered that Rafiel, his own shepherd, was using the Shadowelves as a toy, a tool, to create (or re-create) the very thing which caused the Shadowelves to be outcast and abandoned into the earth--all the while his faithful followers are fighting their god's battle to regain their "rightful place" on the surface.
Making this discovery, he cast himself upon his sponsor. Instead of destroying his student, Rafiel understood his dilemma, and took pity on him--banishing him to his home plane.

Llothandaros appears to be a tall stately Shadowelf sporting magnificent black dragon wings.

The disenchanted Llothandaros is very much a lessais faire (sp?) Immortal. His dogma consists of "The gods help those who help themselves" and "Everyone is out for themselves, so to survive, you must be too."

Church and Temples
Llothandaros has only a minimal following in the Shadow Elves, which he earned before his banishment. His primary influence is his own demiplane where he sits as king in the only nation in the plane.

Further Ideas:
Knowing full well that without worshippers, he would cease to exist as an Immortal, and that in his banishment, he could not earn any new followers from the other planes, so he created a new race to populate his plane. One physically similar to himself. Winged Morphers. They appeared to be tall Shadowelves with stately wings sprouting from their shoulder blades and a natural polymorphing ability.
(The wings are derived from a "cursed" ring of flying which the mortal Llothandaros wore--causing extreme pain whenever the flying ability was used; the polymorph was the mortal elf's favourite spell--one which he himself never mastered until he ascended.)

Special note: This Immortal, his home plane and the Winged Morphers are derived from one of my older players--Buddha--who had invented the setting before I met him. I had took his mini-campaign world and put stats to it, then incorporated it as background into my Mystara. It was never used in-play, but one of Buddha's characters was a follower of Llothandaros.