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While cleaning up some old papers, I came across a sheaf of campaign notes from my old campaign. Out of nostalgia, I leafed through them, and found the following spell jotted down on a small piece of notepaper. Obviously, I must have created it on the fly for one of my players (a couple of whom often pestered me to add to their spell repertoires). Be careful what you wish for, I always say (some people thought I had a mean streak...).

Transmute Butter to Lemon Custard

by Geoff Gander

Transmute Butter to Lemon Custard*

Level: 1
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
Effect: Transmutes up to 10 cn. of butter into up to 10 cn. of lemon custard.

When cast, this spell allows the caster to transform butter into an equal quantity of lemon custard. The reverse of this spell, transmute lemon custard to butter, allows the caster to perform the opposite.