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Ghost of Lion Castle - Thoughts and Notes

by Aoz

Theoretically "Ghost of Lion Castle" in set in Ethengar: six days east of the village of Sarsdell along the Streel River, then two days north. That puts it somewhere in the Sea of Grass.

If done correctly the character can become Sargon's Heir (well known and powerful magic user).

The PC gets a ring worth at least thousand gold: Proof you are the Heir [that you cannot sell, of course]

A few after thoughts to the adventure

-You will be a big target for a lot of thieves.

-Mages will want to challenge the Heir of a Sargon.


-Did Sargon have an enemies that will come for the new Heir?


Special Notes:

Now the interesting twist.

If the magic user (PC) encounters all wandering enemies and collects the treasures of the castle. I few unique things will happen:

The magic user could be 4-5 level at end on adventure
"Cursed" as a Weretiger
3500+ gold pieces worth of treasure
Magic Items: ROP+1, Bag of Holding, Ring of Invisibility, Elven Boots, Elven Cloak, Rope of Climbing, Wand of Paralyzation (5 ch), and even Gauntlet of Ogre Power.
Scrolls: Light, Shield, Hold Portal, Continual Light, Sleep, and Web.

This Sargon's Heir will have an interesting life