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Language chart for Mystara

by Mike Harvey

OK here's my attempt at a language chart for Mystara. I'm not an expert on language, either RW or Mystaran, so this probably has some mistakes. It probably also has some glaring omissions. But it's a place to start.

What to use it for? I don't know. In HERO, the language chart is used to determine the cost of learning languages, based on similarity to known languages. In D&D, my thought is that very similar languages (4pts) share enough common elements that speakers could establish rudimentary communication. Less similar languages might have occasional borrowed words, or similar sounding words, and similar structure, allowing rudimentary communication to be established in a few hours to a few weeks. But I don't know.

HERO includes a language chart for many RW languages. To start, I plugged Mystaran equivalents into the RW chart. Then I modified relationships based on what I know of Mystaran history and derivations (which is very limited). A language that is presented as sounding similar to a RW language may not really be similar to that language... and even if it is, apparent similarity between languages may be coincidental and superficial. Thus actual history should determine actual relationships between Mystaran languages. After that, I inferred relationships where they seemed logical based on history or proximity. Undoubtedly some of my own interpretations will be obvious in the chart as well.