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Lightning Bug

by Frank Mentzer

Level 5

This is a variation of the standard (L3) "Lightning Bolt" spell. Instead of an instant effect, this has a duration of 1 round per 2 levels (round down).

The caster creates a flying bug-like creature composed entirely of electrical energy, which appears at a designated location within 10 yards/meters. It has the same parameters as the caster (i.e. Armor Class, hit points, chance to hit, Saving Throws, et alii.), and attacks whatever targets the caster indicates, flying to their location as needed.

The Bug moves at 24" max rate, attacks once per round at most, and must roll to hit. All targets are treated as minimal armor (AC10), and situational and special bonuses & penalties do apply.

Attack damage is normal (1d6/L), but re-roll for each hit. A victim hit must make a Saving Throw v Spell, taking full or half damage accordingly. At the end of the spell, the Bug simply vanishes. (Optional: In AD&D application, note that this variant does NOT damage Constructions, re 1eDMGp109.)