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Familiar: Lightning Cat

by Jim Ruddy

AC 6
HD 1-4 hp
Move 60' (25')
Swimming 15' (5')
Attacks 1 Bite / 2 Claws + Special
Damage 1-3 / 1-2 / 1-2 + Special
Save As Magic User 1
Morale 10
Alignment Neutral

Familiars are magically imbued servants of Magic Users and Elves. Lightning Cats, not to be confused with Thunder Cats, are small feline creatures with blue-silver zig-zag fur, jagged teeth and razor sharp claws. Their reputation for stubbornness originates from their natural feline aloofness which is characterized by the creature's firm belief that it is a hero (if not god) while the character is actually the lowly peon familiar.

Adept at climbing and swimming, Lightning Cats build up an electrical charge when exposed to sunlight and use this stored power to stun its favorite food, fish. They have even been known to steal fish from inn kitchens, camp kitchens, castle kitchens using the same tactic against the cooking staff. When fish is not available they will lower themselves to climbing trees and stunning "barely palatable" birds instead. Once discharged the Lightning Cat will need to recharge by resting in direct sunlight for 4 hours before being able to use this ability again. Some Lightning Cats can use heat sources to charge as well, the time to charge depends on the intensity of the heat with a roaring hearth fire providing an average 6 hour charge time.

In melee Lightening Cats typically use their teeth and claws to attack, but if they become truly annoyed they will release their electrical discharge to strike all creatures and players within a 10' radius for 1-3 points of electrical damage unless a successful save vs spells is made.

Players familiar with this particular familiar will be all to well aware of its tendency during a battle to sit and idly watch, clean itself, play will a ball of yarn, do anything but join in unless enticed with food or other treats.

Players do not acquire Lightning Cats, Lightning Cats acquire players.