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Lords of Norwold - Uhuboote

by Jeff Daly

As the last opponent fell, Sliv caught the whiff of human. Looking in that direction, the heroes saw a huge ship making ready to take off.

They run and grab onto loose mooring cables. As they climb up, they can hear two guys speaking on the ship.


"Nein. Uta ist still down dere. Ve vill pick her up later."


Aligorum was the first to make it over the rail.


But it was too late for him. Aligorum made short work of him and proceeds to the next, as Diego, Eowyn, and Sliv made it over the rail in that order.

As the fight waged on, a man, similarly dressed to the others, but with the addition of a long black cloak and a fancier looking sword, came on deck and observed for a few moments. A man with a tonsured hair-style joined him.

"Halten!" He shouts, "Vat ist dis?"

"Give us the ring!"

Count Diego shouted at him. The two sides eyed each other warily.

"Ach, I know not vat you are talking about, svine!"

Diego, ever of a short temper, gestured fiercely with his wand. And explosion rocked the deck.