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by Pierre Savoie

I wrote a D&D module set in Karameikos, where PCs are hired on a mission by a monastery, so that was an opportunity to try out the Mystic (monk) class and a little Traladaran Kung-Fu:

Statistics for
"LOCUST" (Alexei Feodorev the Mystic):

AC 4 (Dex bonus of +2, mystic skill +3)
hp 19
MV 150'(50') (mystic skill)
#AT 1
THAC0 17 (not counting +1 Str bonus)
Dmg 1d6+1+1 (Str bonus and unarmed mystic skill, same effect as Silver Weapon)
Save As MYS4 (10/11/12/13/14)
ML 11

Abilities: Str 15, Int 14, Wis 14, Dex 16, Con 13, Cha 7 XP Bonus - 15% (+5% STR, but -20% for concentrating on Acrobatics studies).

Ability Score Bonuses: +1 to Hit/Dmg.; +1 added language; +2 to Hit with Ranged/AC bonus; +1 hp/HD; -1 Social dealings.

- --Mystic Abilities:
The Discipline (Martial Arts, Level 4 stats shown above): -- Awareness: Locust is only surprised on a roll of 1 on 1d6.
--Heal Self: Locust may, once per day, cure himself of 4 points of damage, simply by concentrating for one round.
Set Spear vs. Charge
Acrobatics 56% or Dex check (as general skill plus Jumps/Leaps, Tumbles/Flips, Catches (to prevent falling), Swings, Balancing; movement across broken terrain at full encounter speed; crossing line of enemy soldiers)
Selected Thief Abilities (Find Traps 25%; Remove Traps 25%; Move Silently 35%; Climb Walls 90%; Hide in Shadows 24%)

- --RESTRICTIONS: May if he wishes use any weapon, but prefers unarmed attack forms. May not wear armour nor can he use protective magical devices. Does not gather personal possessions apart from simple travelling gear. Must donate 10% of his treasure to his cloister, and in any case does not gain XP from treasure found unless he gives it to the needy or to charity.

POSSESSIONS: plain grey robes, staff (1d6+1 Str bonus), net (6'X6'), 6 torches, 1 wks. iron rations, rope, thieves' tools, grappling hook, backpack (400 cn capacity).

Alexei (b. 978 AC) is 5'8", with a wiry frame; black hair and brown eyes. His parents were poor farmers who through necessity Sheared him at an earlier age than normal, encouraging him to support himself. Alexei was seen fending off bullies with his stick, and a master of the Order noticed this and invited him to stay and train at the Redblood Order. The life was one that Alexei readily took to, and he was given the nickname "Locust", meaning, agile but not of very high intelligence as far as learning the philosophical precepts of the Order. Locust is the most competent fighter among the acolytes. Although the order encourages leaving the cloister on missions to learn life- lessons with an adventurer party, Locust is ill at ease in cities and has problems with social dealings (lower than average Charisma score).
Locust avoids violence, but violence has a way of finding him:
"I don't want to fight you." (BAP! "Unhhhh!") "I *said*, I don't want to fight you!" (THWAP! "Unnnnh!") "Hey, don't you understand what I'm saying? I don't want to fight!" (KA-POK! "Let's get out of here! That kid's dynamite!")