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by Marco Dalmonte

(Bozdogan, Farbautides, Lokar, Veles)
Patron of Hule, Prince of Lies and Deceit

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 30th (Eternal), CE, Entropy
Symbol: a goblet filled with a suspiciously bubbling liquid; as Bozdogan, a mechanical puzzle-cube
Portfolio: deceit, treachery, lies, cleverness, fire, Hule, gremlins
Worshipped in: Savage Coast Selvaggia (Eusdria), Hule, Isle of Dawn (Caerdwicca, Helskir, Redstone), Hollow World (Antalia, Merry Pirate Seas), Known World (Heldannic Territories, Northern Reaches), Norwold (Landfall, Oceansend, Vyolstagrad and Stamtral)
Appearance: a pale skinned Antalian with red hair, hawk's nose and a maliciously clever gaze, wearing simple Antalian garments with pelts.
History: Loki was a cunning Antalian wizard specialised in fire magic that lived in lower Norwold during the XIX century BC. He was able to gain power and riches thanks to his lies, treachery and intrigues, becoming the trusted adviser of many chieftains before betraying them and vanishing with their treasures or their lives. He eventually succeeded in discovering the path to immortality and began the path of the Paragon under the sponsorship of Rathanos, lord of fire. However, he always tried the shortest way to reach his goals and used so many tricks and deceiving skills that he intrigued Thanatos, who began to lure him away from Energy showing him a much more satisfying and rewarding path towards immortality. It was at this point that Loki openly betrayed Rathanos and sided with Thanatos. He successfully completed his path in the sphere of Entropy in the XVIII century BC, after creating the gremlin race and spreading it in all the world's continents to wreak more havoc and chaos. He is regarded as the patron of deceit not only among the Norse and the Vatski of Norwold, but also in Hule, where he is worshipped as Bozdogan, patron of Deceit and protector of the Sanctified Lands of Hule where lies are holy.
Personality: Loki is a master of deceit and treachery. His goal is to put his enemies one against the other to provoke destruction and suffering, and he often succeeds in his attempt thanks to his great manipulation skills. He especially likes to pretend to be ready for redemption, luring other good-willed immortals to befriend him and fight for his cause, and then he betrays their trust in the most critical moments. Loki does not actively seek new followers as many other immortals do, since he is particularly insensitive to the prayers of his worshippers, since he believes that all people will follow his way eventually. In fact he believes that all mortals have a natural tendency towards evil and selfishness, and the most evident proof of this is that the world is so ripe with treachery and deceit that cause the mortals' constant downfall. So he just teaches his followers to increase entropy in the world and act for their own gain at the same time, and this can only be done becoming master manipulators in order to avoid being deceived first.
Loki is constantly weaving his plots and deceits against other immortals and mortals too, in particular as patron of Hule. During the course of the centuries he has become enemy of Odin (because of his alliance with Hel), Thor (that he opposed during his mortal life and his rise to immortality), Frey and Freyja (whose goodness and loyalty he finds stomaching), Eiryndul and Korotiku (who despise him for using cleverness and deceit for destructive purposes). He also likes to torment and ridicule Stodos, Lord of Ice and another ally of Hel, but the goddess does not consider this rivalry a true enmity and leaves them bickering like small children.
Patron: first Rathanos, then Thanatos
Allies: occasionally Hel
Enemies: Odin, Thor, Frey and Freyja, Korotiku, Eiryndul
Classic D&D Stats:
Followers' Alignment: Neutral and Chaotic; clerics must be Chaotic
Favoured weapon: none (allowed all bludgeoning weapons and any kind of dagger)
Clerics' skills and powers: Find and Remove Traps and Hide in Shadows as thief of same level; a bonus free general skill to choose among the following: Deceive, Move Silently, Disguise
Avengers' skills and powers: free general skills Deceive and Disguise
D&D 3E Stats:
Domains: Entropy, Chaos, Evil, Deceit, Fire
Preferred weapon: dagger (any type)
Sources: GAZ7, HW, WotI, X5, DDA2