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Thoughts about Loktal's megadungeon

by John Calvin

This gets me to wondering, what major groups would have occupied this dungeon throughout time? I think we've hit on many of the major groups already, but I want to try and put it in some kind of progression to see if that will generate any more ideas for us.

BC 3000 to BC 1750
- Intua probably has control of portions of the Shadowdeep during this time.
- Taymora probably dominates levels near the surface, but may have delved deeper... especially if their intent was to bury something. Near the end of this period would have been when the normal folk finally overthrew their vampiric oppressors, so we might have something there.
- If there was a Blackmoorian cache (something that Loktal would have come after later) it probably remains hidden throughout this period.
- The Glaurants probably occupy portions of the Shadowdeep from now through the modern era.

BC 1750 to BC 1000
- Groups of Taymoran undead could have been freed by the nearby geological activity (although at least one of them should remain trapped for later). They may become the dominant population especially in the deeper levels.
- Atraughin and his followers travel up from the HW during this period, and there may be ties between them and remnants of the Intua. There may also be passages leading directly to Mictlan.
- Schattenalfen may be around during this period as well. They destroy Mictlan during this era.
- If kopru (or their thralls) do move in, it would be during this period.

BC 1000 to BC 500
- Loktal builds his kingdom at the beginning of this period. New levels are added at the top of the complex as dwarves create their fortress on the mountaintops and begin delving inward. Finding the Blackmoorian cache may prove more of a detriment to Loktal than a boon. Perhaps a good portion of his forces are accidentally destroyed, weakening the dwarves' position in the area.
- Oenkmar humanoids are out and about during this period - my theory is that many of the other humanoid kingdoms (Ex: Othrong) of this time are beholden to them in some way so any humanoid kingdom in this area at this time might have some connection to them (even if only indirectly).
- There may be some Nithian presence... but it could be limited to Nithian adventuring bands only. I'd see their main antagonists as being the Taymorans, most of which they should clear out at this point.

BC 500 to AC 0
- Hin finally overthrow their humanoid masters so remnants could have fled and found homes in these ruins. With Oenkmar now gone, the humanoids may be feeling the power gap and are probably on the defensive as a whole.
- Shadow Elves probably find this place near the turn of the millennium (which is when the Broken Landers also first discover them). [*Depending on the source this event happens either 100 years before or after AC 0.]

That still leaves about 1000 years to go through... but my brain is fried at the moment.

Here's a first pass at some of the rooms I think the Inti would have needed/used during their initial occupation of the complex. What I'd like to do is build these from the ground up, and then follow them through the ages to see what becomes of them, and if others come in and re-purpose them (in this case the Taymorans).

Intua Complex circa BC 2300
1) Surface Gatehouse: This would be located on the outside of the mountain, and would control the Inti access into and out of the complex (to the surface). This entrance may have been left here from Blackmoorian times, or it could be something new that the Inti themselves opened up.

2) Entrance Causeway: This long passage would lead from the Surface Gatehouse to the inner complex.

Military Rooms
3) Barracks: These large vaulted chambers house Inti troops. The would have been filled with rows and rows of pallets each capped with a small strong box to house the soldier's belongings.

4) Mess Hall: This room contains the kitchens, as well as a communal area for the Inti living here to eat in.

5) Training Room: This is a small room (almost arena like) where Inti warriors could have practiced their skills (perhaps being watched by their peers). They would have had a larger training courtyard on the surface for training under the sun.

6) Officer's Quarters: These quarters would have housed anyone of importance who was visiting the complex. There are several square chambers lining a long hallway.

Religious Rooms
7) Shrine to Ixion: Ixion is venerated in Intua as the immortal who led the Inti to safety after the Great Rain of Fire, as well as the immortal who would lead them back into the sun. Despite living underground for centuries, they have never forgotten this aspect of Ixion.

8) Priest's Quarters: The priests tending to the Shrine of Ixion as well as to the Blind Father in residence here reside in these quarters. They are simple square chambers lining a long hall.

9) Blind Father's Throne Room: Inti Kings rule over the land as governors even after they are dead, but only land that they conquered in life. As such each Inti king constructs one or more strongholds during their reign where their mummified bodies will rule from (those ruling over a large territory may travel from stronghold to stronghold). One such stronghold exists here.

Support Rooms
10) Well Room: An underground river was diverted through (or beneath) this room, and it now serves as the access hub from which the complex is supplied with water.

11) Graineries: These rooms would have been cold and dry, and suitable for storing food and drink. Most of the food would have been shipped from far underground holdings (fungus farms, etc) or from conquered territories on the surface.

12) Refuse: This pit slopes down to a larger cavern below. The Inti threw all of their refuse down here.

13) Deep Causeway: This long passage leads to Intua territories in the Shadowdeep. There may be a gatehouse located at this end of the causeway. There may be passageways from here that lead to other sections of the Shadowdeep as well. Most probably the Deep Glaurants can be found through here.