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Long Claws

by Kjell Stephansen

Hrm, nicknamed Wolverine?

Are you laughing at me? Okay... it is a little silly, but I think you misunderstood... Long Claws is a cultural weapon of the Rakasta.. It is a pair of 1' long claws fitted to the hands... (Like Wolverine...).

Just don't suspect anyone using such weapons as bloodthirsty, frenzied killers. In my campaign I developed a special Martial Art known as the Talon-Style Torasta based around these weapons.

Long Claws
Weight: 3lbs each
Type: P/S/B
Speed Factor 3.
Damage 1d6/1d4+1
Knockdown: d6

The Bludgeoning attack is made with the backhand, where the four blades are attached to a bracer and glove (A character proficient gains a -1 AC bonus) This attack causes only 1d4/1d3 damage, but has a knockdown of d10.