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Lords of Norwold visit Dunadale!

by Jeff Daly

"Note the dark places around Dunadale that you see as we approach. You may not be aware, but Dunadale is built upon an old drained bog. There are many bogs in the outlying areas. A decayed vegetative matter develops in these bogs, called peat moss. This "peat moss" is dried and cut into bricks by the people of Dunadale to heat their homes and taverns."

Terari looked very scholarly as he paced back and forth on the deck, lecturing his captive crowd.

"It is the acidic quality of the soil," he pronounced carefully, "that causes plant life to only partially decay and produce peat. Now, why the bogs of Dunadale are so acidic is a question that has not been answered.

"Many plants grow specific to the bogs. If you venture therein, you may find heaths, sedges, conifers, and the occasional carnivorous plant. Of course, the cranberry grows in abundance, as this is the major export of Dunadale. The cranberry is a small red fruit with a sharp taste. Beetles, birds, dragonflies, mosquitoes, frogs, salamanders, and lemmings also thrive therein.

Terari waited for the anticipated chuckles over the mere mention of lemmings to die down, "One special plant you may find, should you be so lucky, is the spider root. The spider root plant may be used in the casting of binding spells like web and hold person."

Upon entering the harbour, the party found a town that, while larger in size than Helskir, had a smaller dock and therefore a longer wait. Once docked, they split into two groups. Terari, Count T, Count Diego, and Caine went to meet the king, while Aligorum the rakasta, Fiona the elf, Brimstone the Glantrian, and Eilonwy the Alfiemer (lately picked up in Helskir, but an old companion) located an inn called Mossy Pete's.

Mossy Pete's was a log cabin built into the side of a hill. Its dirt floors and wood panelling give a measure of comfort and warmth in the still relatively cold clime. Peat burned within and gave off a peculiar woodsy smell. Moss was grown over the roof and overhung the porch.

Once rooms were squared away, the heroes went to a local tavern called The Tiny Tart and partook of cranberry wine and pie while seeking a local sage to lead them through the bog.

Indeed one was found, named Relegar, who charged only 500 gold a day. They found d4 spider roots a day, and a large dragon that slept among the moss...he looked very much like a hill with the moss growing over him.

Wisely they did not disturb him. However, the 18 black dragonflies hit them pretty hard, killing the lovely little Fiona...

It was with a heavy heart (but a pouch full of spider root) that the companions returned to Dunadale.