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Lords of Norwold ... exciting and new ...

by Jeff Daly

Master Terari smiled at his mimosa, but spoke to Count Diego, "I am flattered you asked me to have a morning drink with you. And yes, I would be interested in pursuing this chat-time each day as well. It could have quite some merit..."

"Indeed," Diego replied, containing the excitement, "I know that I have much to learn from you...and perhaps I can teach you something of Glantri."

Terari smiled to himself, "Perhaps. But let us not allow this to become a presumptuous brag-session, like two other mages I know engage in. Once this becomes redundant, let us leave off."

"Certainly. Though I don't anticipate this happening for quite some time. Tell me, another passenger, an Egelbreth...charming little toad of a fellow, he mentioned something at breakfast this morn."

"I think I know the fellow you speak of. Carries a bit of a smell?"

"Yes. In fact, the more do-goody of my compatriots has invited him to dinner tonight, in order to slay two annoying birds with one well placed fireball. I had thought not to attend at first, but something he said this morning has changed my mind."


"Yes, well, he spoke of some sort of "craft", as he said. A craft of shadows, in which he can manipulate shadows...that sort of thing..."

Terari frowned, "I can tell you that it is not much different from the Glantrian crafts."

"Glantrian crafts?"

"Look, I know they are supposed to be secret. But let's face it, the world does not call them "the not-so-secret crafts" for nothing. Besides, I've always felt the secret lies more in the membership and goals, rather than in the existence itself."

"Oh...yes..." Diego said, forcing confidence, "I know of what you speak now. So these crafts are like elementalist, enchanter, necromancer, that sort of thing? I've always been partial to abjuration myself..."

Terari shook his head, "No, not *school*...CRAFT! It is hard to explain, and not something one speaks of lightly. Though they are known to exist, one doesn't go about freely describing powers and abilities and practitioners."

"Oh, well, can you give me a general idea?"

"There are the Crafts of Emanation, Demonology, and Fleshcrafty. Each one is probably self-explanatory, except for the first one. It is a current study of mine, and is quite interesting. The practitioner actually picks a sense to affect, and bases a power on that sense."