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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patroness of Eternal Beauty and Grace, Queen of the Spring, Keeper of Lothbarth
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 8th (Temporal), NG, Energy
Symbol: a hawthorn in bloom
Portfolio: beauty, perfection, grace, spring, plants, nature, fertility, elves
Worshipped in: Norwold (Foresthome), Hollow World (Gentle Folk Elves)
Appearance: a young elf of amazing beauty, with a perfect physique (1.60m tall by 42kg), golden hair that reaches to just under her ears, and scintillating grey or hazelnut eyes, based on her mood. Lornasen always wears a short, sleeveless tunic of silk and carries at her shoulder a bow and a quiver.
History: Lornasen in life was a Shiye elf of wayward character, lover of beauty, perfection and nature. When the Shiye arrived on the Alphatian continent and founded the Kingdom of Shiye-Lawr, the monarch (plagiarised from Eiryndul) renounced the cult of Ilsundal and wanted to take Eiryndul as patron of the clan. Indignant by the decision, Lornasen collected around herself a numerous group of loyal followers of Ilsundal and refused of submitting to the will of the king. Hunted by the Shiye-Lawr in 700 BC, Lornasen sought help from Ilsundal, who through prophetic visions guided her and his followers until in the north of Norwold. Here the majority of the Shiye expatriates settled in the forest to the north of the Great Bay, founding the Foresthome, while other elves selected the woods of mid Norwold, in the area in which later would become Oceansend. After a tortuous century in which having fought tooth and claw to defend their territory from the assaults of ravenous beasts, dragons and terrible frost giants, Lornasen began to travel the path of Immortality for the curiosity that involved undertaking this eternal adventure and for deeply savouring the taste of the last life, overcoming the few mortal barriers that also held back one of his race. Arriving on the summit of the Leg of the Cat he was able to gain the sponsorship of Ilsundal (at that time Empyreal of Energy), who assigned as his first assignment the recovery of the Bow of Gilgrave, a prodigious artefact that shots bolts of fire in place of normal arrows. When it was finally in her hands, Lornasen presented the bow to his patron as a gesture of respect, and always spurred on by Ilsundal, left for a time to the Sylvan Realm, to retrieve a branch of the Mother Tree in order to donate to the elves of Norwold the holy relic of Ilsundal. After a decade she was able to return and his gift was welcomed with delight by the Shiye, who granted him great honours. But her task was not complete, since the cold climate of Norwold put to risk the growth of the Trees of Life. Began therefore to create a unique potion, in order to give life to any plant keeping it healthy. The ingredients that she had to recover were rare and elusive, as the breath of spring, but by the end succeeded in the attempt, and utilised the Oil of Sunlight for creating Lothbarth, a forest of magnificent verdant trees and plants always in bloom in the middle of the Foresthome, that permitted the young Trees to grow in each elven community. After this exploit found without difficulty a large group of elves that he took as proper students, teaching them the love towards nature and towards all the living things as well as to the magic arts. At the end Ilsundal decided that Lornasen had by now satisfied all the prerequisites of the Test and the Testimony, having created a unique item and with it had also modified a vast area, transforming it into a paradise of perfection. In the moment in which all the spellcasters of the forest spontaneously acknowledged the supremacy of Lornasen in the magic arts, she accepted with good grace their homage and was in a position to ascend in the Sphere of Energy in the V century BC.
Personality: Lornasen is the epitome of goodness and of the love for nature and beauty, as was shown by her mortal life, and possesses a free spirit and extremely independent. From when she became Immortal she has been eager to know about the nature of the Multiverse and its inhabitants, and she approaches to each new experience like savouring the taste of a luscious wine, continues to attempt to take everywhere the perfection and purity and defending the right to live of all the innocent and peaceful creatures. Her cult by now is popular only among the Shiye of the Foresthome, but she is also trying to become known among the other sylvan elves of Mystara. She considers as her allies her own patron Ilsundal, Ordana (as Mother of all the elves) and Alphatia, who shares her interest for beauty and peace.
Patron: unknown [presumed: Ilsundal]
Allies: Ilsundal, Ordana, Alphatia
Enemies: none
Alignment of followers: any; clerics must be Neutral
Favourite weapon: none (allowed all bludgeoning weapons)
Clerics’ skills and powers: +1 bonus to Charisma, power of speaking with plants for 1 turn per day. Clerics of Lornasen have access to 1st level druid spells as well all cleric spells.
Domains: Energy, Good, Plant, Fertility
Preferred weapon: long bow
Source: IM2