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Lost Magics

by Paul Dupuis

So, this is not exactly from the brown or white box OD&D, but I was compiling a set of "lost magics" from earlier editions of D&D vs BECMI and specifically the Rules Cyclopedia. All of the spells in OD&D V1 Men and Magic and Supplement III Eldritch Wizardry appear to have be included in the RC, at least by name, if the descriptions vary a bit here and there. However in the Blue D&D Book By Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, Edited by Eric Holmes © 1974, 1977 TACTICAL STUDIES RULES, 2nd PRINTING,JANUARY 1978 there are a number of spells not included in BECMI/RC (see below).

I was collecting these spells and others (see further below) for a series of adventures for a Magic User PC (and companions) from Karameikos who believes that the list of spells taught is woefully incomplete and once upon a time, Magic must have been more consistent and robust and is seeking to find ancient magics and spell unknown to other mages.

In any case, while incomplete and not strictly OD&D, I have posted it in case it is of help to someone.

First Level Spells:
Dancing Lights (Lost)
Enlargements (Lost)
Tenser's Floating Disc (RC 'Floating Disc' - it's origins have been lost)
Second Level Spells:
Audible Glamer (Lost)
Magic Mouth (Lost)
Pyrotechnics (Lost)
Ray of Enfeeblement (Lost) (in effect a reverse of Strength, also a lost spell)
Strength (Lost)
Third Level Spells:
Clairaudience (Lost)
Explosive Runes (Lost)
Monster Summoning I (Lost)
Rope Trick (Lost)
Suggestion (Lost)

I continued looking for "Lost Magics" from other BECMI/RC predecessors:
Moldvay Blue Expert set (1st Expert rules, 3-ring binder version)
Part Water Range: 120' (p18), Duration: 6 turns, This spell creates a path through a body of water, enabling creatures to walk on the bottom. The path will be up to 120, long and 10' wide. The spell may be ended at any time by the caster before the duration is over.

And then I started combing through Modules in the B,X,C,M,I series for more "Lost" Spells (Modules)
B1 In Search of the Unknown (Caves of Quasqueton)
Magic Mouth (p8) (r) (S: Original Blue Book)
"Unnamed Spell" (p23) (item) The secret exit is but a one-way access, and allows only egress from the stronghold, never entrance. There is no way to trigger the door from the outside, and even if this were possible, a permanent magic spell upon the exit totally prevents movement into the complex via the opening. [Some sort of "Barrier" spell or "Protection?"]
B2 Keep on the Borderland (Caves of Chaos)
Direction Confusion (p20) (r) (S:Unknown) After 30í past the cave mouth, a spell of direction confusion (a special spell) will begin to function, so start to misdirect them by naming incorrect directions, i.e. southeast instead of northeast, east instead of west, etc. Donít worry about calling the same passage as a different direction should they travel over the same route twice - thatís the effect of the magic on them. You may wish to allow the mapping character a secret saving throw every couple of turns, a 19 or 20 indicating that the effect has been thrown off.)
B1-9 "unnamed spell" (p20) (S:Unknown) Evil spells prevent anyone native to Tuma (like Lirdrium Arkayz) from entering The Rock; this is the reason Arkayz was forced to hire the party [NOTE: This is from B5 Horror on the Hill]
[NOTE: This and the spell in B1, suggests a barrier spell of some sort that allows passage only as specificed by the castor (i.e. only in one direction or only people not of Tuma may pass]
Mesmorize (p45) (S:"Suggestion" from the Blue book?) Shapeless forms of purple, yellow and grcen will dance and sway on the western wall, and if anyone looks at them for more than a moment, they must save vs. Spells or be mesmerized into chanting a hymn to chaotic evil.

X2 Castle Amber (p14) references the "lost" Strength spell from the Blue D&D Book
X2 Castle Amber (p27) references "dispel illusions" a simpler form of Dispel Magic (3rd). Perhaps a reverse of Phantasmal Force?
X3 Curse of Xanathon (p26) "Unknown" spell is used to place life force in a gem [NOTE" Supports Juliet's theories on power transference and the use of gems (or pyramids or etc.) to store power]

All B and X modules through X12 checked. Starting Accessories and other modules:

AC3 Dragon Tiles I - The Kidnapping Of Princess Arelina (p4) 1st level MU spell: burning hands (p4) 2nd level Clerical spiritual hammer
Knights of Newt (p7) "know language" - understand spoken languages

NOTE: Work in Progress/Incomplete.