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Saimpt Loup

by Giampaolo Agosta

(The Night Hunter, The Cold)
Lesser Power of Arborea, CN/Temporal of Thought, C

PORTFOLIO: Mercy, hunger, destruction, night, winter, one who keeps the lupins strong by weeding out the sick and weak
DOMAIN: Arborea/Olympus/The Wolfwoods
SPONSOR: Korotiku
ALLIES: Korotiku
FOES: Yazak goblinoids pantheon. Saimpt Loup also sees with disfavour the rise of Saimpt Clébard
SYMBOL: A white wolf
WAL: Any

Saimpt Loup, whose mortal name is all but forgotten, was a hunter and rider in the plains north of modern Renardy. When he was young, his clan was attacked by the vanguard of the goblinoid horde that was going to invade the western Savage Coast. Saimpt Loup was the sole survivor. He was able to reach the other clans, and warn them of the imminent invasion. The lupins could barely withstand the strength of the goblinoid army, but Saimpt Loup managed to convince them to cooperate under his leadership (which wasn't an easy task, as the tribes were scattered and fiercely independent, and many lupins were not aware of the danger). He proved a good leader and a better fighter, preferring ambushes to open fight. The war ended when Saimpt Loup, with a single companion, reached the enemy camp, slew the Orc Warlord and his High Shaman and set fire to the tents. This deed completed the quest for immortality of Saimpt Loup, but he was wounded by poisoned arrows while escaping the burning camp. His body was never found, as Saimpt Renard gated him to Arborea before the death of his mortal body, and conferred him the gift of Immortality.

The Church
CLERGY: Priests, Beast Rider rangers
CAL: Any
WEAPONS: Short bow, short composite bow, horseman's flail, horseman's mace, horseman's pick, lance, spear, dagger, knife, sabre
ARMOUR: Leather, studded leather, padded armour, shield (up to medium)
MAJOR SPHERES: All, Animal, Chaos, Necromantic, Sun (reverse only), Weather
MINOR SPHERES: Travellers, Plant
GRANTED POWERS: Move Silently/Hide in Shadows as a Ranger of the same level
BONUS PROFS: Riding (Dire Wolf or Lupasus), Survival (Plains)

DOGMA: The eldest lupin Immortal, Saimpt Loup fosters the traditional values of tribal life. In contrast with Saimpt Clébard, he portrays the lupin hunter and raider of the steppes. Saimpt Loup also encourages a "survival of the fittest" view of life.
DAY-TO-DAY ACTIVITIES: For the followers of Saimpt Loup, hunting is a holy endeavour. They always look at themselves as hunters, even though they may follow other careers. When actually involved in hunting, they show respect for the hunted animal, as they know that its death is their life. Priests of Saimpt Loup are traditionally responsible for funeral rites (though the clergy of Saimpt Clébard is now contesting this role: Loup-worshippers also prefer the traditional burial in mounds, while the richer followers of Clébard now build family mausoleums, often decorated with marble sculptures). Many priests are travellers or hunters.
IMPORTANT CEREMONIES/HOLY DAYS: Winter is the season dedicated to Saimpt Loup. He is celebrated on the first and last day of winter.
MAJOR CENTRES OF WORSHIP: Saimpt Loup is worshipped mainly by the few nomad lupins. The only important established centre of worship is Deauvais, as most priest prefer to hold ceremonies outside the towns.
AFFILIATED ORDERS: Lupin Beast Riders are commonly associated with Saimpt Loup, though there isn't a formal knightly order. Lupin Beast Riders and Honourbound are often at odds, like their patron deities, and fights or duel between them are quite common.
PRIESTLY VESTMENTS & ADVENTURING GARB: Priest of Saimpt Loup are nearly indistinguishable from common hunters or beast riders. However, they wear a small piece of white fur as their holy symbol.

Loupite Spells
Saimpt Loup's Flying Steed (Conjuration)
Level: 4
Sphere: Animal, Summoning
Range: 100'
Components: Holy Symbol and see below
Duration: 1 day/level
Casting Time: 1 turn
Area of Effect: Special
Saving Throw: None
This spell summons a large lupasus (minimum 3 Hit Points per HD) to serve as mount and companion for the priest. The lupasus is more intelligent then the average (Int 7), and serves the priest willingly, so that he can ride it even if he hasn't got the airborne riding proficiency (the lupasus will carry him, and it will also care that he does not fall, unless in combat or otherwise difficult situation, as in a storm). The component needed is the Holy Symbol, but the priest must also feed the lupasus for the time he keeps it. The lupasus can fight for the priest, but putting the beast into danger will almost certainly anger Saimpt Loup, so it is mostly used for transport. Notice that the lupasus is summoned from the Wolfwood, so the summoning never fails (as can happen with Animal Summoning spells).