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Locations from the Bay of Pelatan Region

by Geoff Gander

The main feature I added to this part of the continent when I created the map, were the escarpments along the southern fringe of the Desert of Izonda, and along the western edge of the Brasolian Wood. I had always imagined them to be fairly significant features that would be visible for quite a distance away, and were you to stand on their edge you could see the lowlands stretch west and south for many miles.

No doubt the entire area would be riddled with caves and other features, as well as a few routes of varying levels of safety to go up and down the escarpments.

For those interested, the nation at the very bottom, with three settlements of note, was never detailed initially. Francesco Defferari took that up in later years when he created the distant realm of Nivall. However, I did not create that realm frivolously; there is a basis in official materials for it! I draw your attention to the migration map from the Hollow World boxed set:

According to the map, the people there should be at least partially of Neathar stock (or at least at some point in their history), but I had decided in my early work on Varellya to link them to that other nation.

My thought had always been that whoever those people are, there has to have been a compelling reason to migrate to such a remote part of the world - either a threat to their survival, or they learned about something of value in the southwest that made a migration worthwhile.

My other thought is that such folk probably want little to do with outsiders....