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Karameikan Prison Colony; Ilsa Miena

by Robin

Using the Atafu Atol from Wikipedia as a base as it was roughly the same shape (although I had to rotate and twitch here and there), then fitting it to the canon scale, then overlaying it with hex grid, implanting the hexes, (except the inner part, which is more beautiful without hexgrid). Adding the reefs, clarifying colors according depth scale, added Legenda and markers as according fanon PDF Sea of Dread.
For a two day job, not bad,...IMHO...hope you all enjoy it.
Keep in mind the whole region within the Karameikan Border is infested with water termites (see MMMC Lowlife page 665)

Canon D&D Mystara Sources; X1 The Isle of Dread, XSOLO Lathanís Gold

AC 993: Duke Stefan Karameikos lays claim to a small island in the Sea of Dread and builds the prison of Ilsa Miena.
A few years ago, Duke Stefan Karameikos decided to use this to his advantage. He claimed Termite Atoll on behalf of Karameikos and renamed it Ilsa Miena. Since then he has turned the island into a prison colony. Criminals who have not committed crimes serious enough to warrant execution, are taken to Isla Miena by a prison ship. The shipís crew includes a druid who has developed a way of keeping the termites at bay. The ship then dumps the criminals on the Atoll and lets them work the land to keep themselves alive. They are unable to escape as any boat they build would be destroyed by the termites before it can leave the island.
There is a Governor of the colony who lives in the fortified port of Coelina, where the ship docks. He ensures that the island remains habitable and reports periodically on events to the Duke. In the last few years, the inhabitants have started exporting fish, rum and even a little copper via the port.
Source: The Sea of Dread Gazetteer

Have Fun

Additional information;
As you might see I changed the textual locations slightly.
Coelina is the Main fortified village, and functions as a port. yet is significant distance from the real landing area.
Therefore there is a trail to the landing area, and a Port Keep...this is the actual home of the Island's Governor. It has three floors is a standard knight Keep as used in Karameikos. It has some warhorses, and a singular supreme riding horse, which the governor couldn't do without, yet are only used when he inspects the other island's locations. They are stored next to the Keep or within the first level, the second level is for some military while the third level is the Governor's home. Above that is thee roof which is used as outlook, giving view to the sea north over East to west land inward, and holds the Karameikan flag high. A secondary mast with ship warning flags as generally used is at the seaside's corner. The governor (age 55), his 3 member family (including a beautiful daughter (Age 19), a nasty egotistical son (age 17) and a older yet still daunting wife (age 49). They are all Thyatian Upper Class from firiendly families to the crown, and albeit they find the Traladaran primitive, they are not opposed to them (except the son who lately grows very negative, treacherous to the Traladaran scum/prisoners on the island).

Coelina is fortified with a 22' high 8' wide wall and two gates with a bent passage underneath. Inside live the most of the free-living prisoners. And it resembles a simple kazemat military Thyatian style of fortress like structures, which here are mostly turned into craft shops. What is made and the materials needed or prepared for selling is strictly regulated.About 50 prisoners and 30 guards live here

There is a secondary village made of local palms and resembles Ierendi structures; being the floor somewhat elevated from the ground with a visible underside of the floor. The roof is made of palmleaves thatched together. Here live many of the Ierendi local crew and some trusted prisoners. As this village has non name, it actually belong to the Prison Ilsda Miena itself, being located very close.About 40 people live here

The Prison
The Prison is a Stone fortress with 2 floors, 10' thick walls of local volcanic rock (dark grey), interior brick walls, and similarly build up as the Fort Doom in DDA3-Eye of Traldar (See readjusted map below)with the following differences;

1--without a secondary gate (52 on DDA3 map) which is here built into the volcanic rock, closed off and only has a single door between the Guard House and watch house. on top of this area ia a room as large as all 3 rooms used as guard housing with on top of that a roof which just juts out over the rocks giving view to the sea West over north to NE.
2--The whole area is also much lighter as more windows exist. There is no area 52 ..aka fortres gates.
3--For game simplicity you can have similar occupants. Howerver replace orcs, orcs and undead with soldiers and the general alignment is Neutral, tendency to Good. All soldiers are at least level 5! and have one weapon Mastery at Skilled(varies per individual)!
4--There is no evil cleric in 45, infact he is a Church of Traladaran cleric instead Church of Karameikos as the faith of most of the Guards) and utterly loyal to the Patriach in Specularum/Mirros.
5--Rooms 46 is occupied by an official of Karameikos, and works as an accountant who and what goes in and out. The room is a chaos of books, scrolls and pens yet, he knows were everything is.
6--Room 47 and 46 are used by lower clergy and hold a Cleric of Chardastes (recently embedded in the Church of Traladara), and is infact a Healer (see Pages of Virtue PDF pages 44-47 ) , and used to make healing potions, bandfages and such. The first room serves as a sort of primitive hospital.
7--Room 47-48 Holds a mages as in the DDA3, yet this one is sided with Karameikos clearly, although he is clumsy, and chaotic, he is far from evil.
8--There are further no other mages, and no slavers as depicted in DDA3..replace these with higher ranked/level soldiers.
9--most of the rooms below ground are prison cells, there is a torturer, yet this person lives almost on a holiday and rarely needs to act. He is CN in alignment, but very chauvenistic due this local leisure job, yet is often reminded this is work.
10--Room 14 in the dungeon does have a floor passage for a tunnel leading out...a feww 100 yards south, nect to the trail The guards know this, and even sometimes imprison a new convict here that desires to escape...waiting on the other end if and when it will appear,, following it everywhere on the island to proof the failure of each such attempt. and when exhausted (or indeed seeming succesful) the act accordingly.
11--There are no Hostages, these are normal prisoners. In total the amount of prisoners and personell in the Prison is equal to the inhabintants as portrayed in DDA3. Prison cells without a letter are empty as of yet.
12--Contrary to the general appearance in DDA3 this prison is generally clean and functional. there are no neglected areas of filth or decay, yet rats are found anywhere on the island as having no natural enemies. The number of horses is much lower and limited to 12 and are sturdy workhorses insread riding horses or warhorses.