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Tower of the Last Baron (LB1)

by Ray Allen

I found myself looking at this module again. It's set in Paizo's Golarion and the first time I didn't notice that it could very easily be used for the Black Eagle Barony at the point when it's time for Ludwig to go.

Adventure Summary

The PCs enter Piren's Bluff just before the Andoran army arrives to lay siege to the town. Once inside, they must sabotage the baron's operations as much as possible, as well as uncover any secret defenses he might employ against the approaching army. Though the baron is away of the threat of spies, several Andoren loyalists in Piren's Blouff can aid the PCs, and rumors provide clues to point them in the right direction. Once the PCs accomplish their objectives in the town, they must infiltrate the keep itself, gather information, and assassinate or capture the baron before his lust for power costs innocent lives.

Changes to make it work in Mystara:

Change Piren's Bluff to Hulag/Fort Doom. Andoran army to the army of the Five Shires or the Duke's Army. Adjust the town map to have a small port as Piren's Bluff isn't near the sea. Maybe up the difficulty of the whole module a bit. It's for level 5 characters. Change the names of local NPCs to fit the Karameikos. Replace Keep Guards with humanoid guards? Add Bargle (Use Baron Galur Vendikon's stats and place him with the Black Eagle?) Add Baron Ludwig in place of Baron Galur Vendikon.

What do you guys think? Sounds like an instant Black Eagle to me.