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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patroness of the Proteans
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 12th (Temporal), N, Time
Symbol: an ochre coloured amoeba
Portfolio: life, proteans, origin of the cosmos
Worshipped in: Astral and Outer Planes
Appearance: a great ochre coloured amoeboid creature deprived of a clear nucleus and of sensory organs, but equipped with many pseudopods that extend and withdraw at will from the central body.
History: PROBABLE THEORY: Luca is the most atypical among all existing Immortals. She named herself with an acronym that she chose and stands for “Last Universal Common Ancestor”. Indeed Luca had originated as a very common cell at the dawn of the Multiverse, even if none know exactly in which plane (although the Immortals ruled out her being from of the Prime and assume she must have originated from an Outer Plane or from the Astral). After centuries of life, probably exposed to some type of magic fields, the cell changed and became sentient. When she was able to reason, she began to ask questions on the meaning of her existence, and went in search of her original creator. This research was probably helped by an Immortal (even if none has ever confirmed his involvement), since she ended with the acquisition of divine powers and ascension in the Sphere of Time during the prehistory of Mystara, after which she finally succeeded to give life to her own breed, the frightening Proteans and to favour their dispersion in the Multiverse. Since becoming Immortal Luca was never interested in the affairs of the Prime, limiting her interventions to the Outer Planes and to the Astral, and prefers drifting in incorporeal form among the planes for watching the evolution of life and discovering other cells originally like her, possibly in search of her own kind or of the secret of the birth of the Multiverse. Rarely using her own manifestation form, created with the only aim of interacting with the material form of the cosmos. The peculiarity of Luca is that her power derives from the ability of drawing from the vital force present in all the cells that descend from her, which allows her to keep her Immortal status without however having any true and proper followers (given the more instinctive rather than rational nature of the proteans). Luca is patroness of life in the largest sense of the term, and her objective is the spread of her child cells in all the possible environments, until engulfing and absorbing all the other forms of existing life, as well as the quest for the unleashed cause that has given life to the Multiverse and to her kind. Luca is not interested in individual beings, nor does she have any rapport of alliance with other Immortals, given that she always keeps away from plots and intrigues preferring to act alone. Her pre-eminent enemy is Thanatos (more for epistemological contrast than actual), who represents the total negation of all life.
Patron: unknown [probably none]
Allies: none
Enemies: Thanatos
Alignment of followers: any
Favourite weapon: none
Clerics’ skills and powers: Luca doesn’t have clerics
Domains: Time, Protection
Preferred weapon: natural weapons (crush)
Source: IM3