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LUCINIUS (County of)

Location: Southeastern coast of the continent of Brun, spur jutting east from Thyatis into the Gulf of Kantrium and the Sea of Dawn. OW

Area: 2,240 sq. mi. (5,800 sq. km.).

Population: 100,000 including the city of Lucinius (pop. 40,000; 85% human, 10% elven, 4% dwarven, 1% hin), the towns of Lone Cove (pop. 5,000) and Hillcape (pop. 5,000) and Lucinius Outpost (pop. 1,250).

Languages: Thyatian (Thyatian dialect).

Coinage: Thyatian Standard: emperor (pp), lucin (gp), asterius (sp), denarius (cp).

Taxes: 25% income tax collected quarterly on the aristocracy, nobility, and wealthy; 20% income tax collected quarterly on everyone else (Va. 1, Ya. 1, Fy. 3, and Ei. 1). Thyatians abroad must still pay their taxes. Expensive and magical items are also taxed 25% of their worth. 10% imperial commercia sales tax on all goods except food, clothing, and fixed assets; levied on imports, rebated on exports. Tax on slave owning equal to 50% of the slave's value annually. Property tax levied based on quality of land, roughly 6% of its value annually.

Government Type: Dominion, member of the Thyatian Empire.

Industries: Agriculture, crafts, fishing, oil, shipbuilding, trade, wine.

Important Figures: Baldassare Patrizio (Count, human, male, Pr15 of Vanya), Alexandra Patrizio (Countess, human, female, Rake9), Philippicus Patrizio (Heir, human, male, F9), Satabus Lucasian (Fleet Admiral, human, male, F18), Pelagius Daphnorakenzes (Prelate, human, male, Pr20 of Protius), Theomisticus Chrysemion (Magist, human, male, M20).

Flora and Fauna: Mulberry trees (for sericulture), grape vines, olive trees, cedar, peach, pear, orange, and cherry fruit trees in cultivated orchards. Herds of cattle, sheep, horses, goats, and mules. Bees kept for honey. Bears, boars, centaurs, lycanthropes, mountain lions, foxes, dryads, wolves, unicorns and goblinoids can be found in the wilds of the empire.

Further Reading: Dawn of the Emperors boxed set, DDA1 Arena of Thyatis, DDA2 Legions of Thyatis, previous almanacs.

Description by Vivianna Romanones.

This county is a fairly recent one, having been split from the Duchy of Thyatis in the early 10th century by Emperor Gabrionus IV.

The Land

Lucinius forms a large peninsula jutting off the Duchy of Thyatis' southeastern borders. It is rimmed by Vanya's Girdle to the south, the Gulf of Kantrium to the north, and Carytion Sound to the east. The southwestern portion of Lucinius is an extension of the Thyatian plains, gradually rising to a hilly ridge that runs down the centre of the county. It then descends gradually in the east to the shores of Carytion Sound.

Port Lucinius lies at the eastern edge of the vast Thyatian plain, and is the third largest city in Thyatis. It is built around a broad, sheltered bay near the widest part of Vanya's Girdle. This port serves as capital of the county, and as one of the empire's most important naval bases and fisheries. The grassy plains nearby are used for growing all sorts of grains, vegetables, and even orchards for fruits.

The hills to the east of Port Lucinius are gentle and rolling, home to vineyards of olives and grapes. Some herding also takes place here, primarily sheep and goats. On the northern coast, looking out over the Gulf of Kantrium, is the town of Lone Cove, built around the rim of a small bay. Just southwest of Lone Cove, at the northern mouth of Carytion Sound, is the town of Hillcape, built at the end of a rugged peninsula. A few miles northeast of Hillcape is the village and lighthouse of Nortis, which guides ships into either the mouth of the Gulf of Kantrium or down the sound. All these communities are home to fishermen, who range out into the Sea of Dawn and sometimes beyond.

At the southeastern tip of Lucinius is Lucinius Outpost, a fortification that guards the eastern entrance of Vanya's Girdle. There is an anchorage here, and the area around the outpost is dotted with farmsteads that serve the needs of the marines and seamen based here.

The People

Almost half of Lucinius' population lives in Port Lucinius itself. They are proud (some would say over proud) of their seamanship and nautical traditions. The harbour bustles with the comings and goings of ships of all types: warships patrolling the Sea of Dawn, fishing ships returning laden with their catch, merchants stopping over on their way to or from Thyatis City, and the like. Lucinius also employs many people in its vast naval yards, used for constructing many of Thyatis' dromonds. These people work hard, and play hard. Taverns and inns in Lucinius are noted for their raucousness, though the Sea Patrol makes sure things don't get out of hand. Port Lucinius is also home to Thyatis' naval college and training centre, a walled compound where the study of seamanship and naval skills is taught.

The people outside Port Lucinius are often ignored by most of those who write about Lucinius. They tend to prefer it that way, living quiet lives overshadowed by the boisterous sailors and fishermen of the county. Their olive oil is much in demand, as well as the seasonings they grow-without which the fish would be rather bland indeed.