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Plan of Luln

by religon

I touched up some old maps of Luln that I made.

It's not 100% canon or incorporating any single fanon concept. Fewer troops than some. Added a copper mine to the NE of the town. Wooden palisade with a few stone towers... aborted improvements. Stuff from DDA3 in version. Relies on Radlebb Keep for protection. (My version of Riverfork Keep isn't consistent with canon. It has a large salt mining operation and a corrupt little village... the part of Karameikos that problems and captured goblins go to die.)

One fanon town I retain is a small town Arkanites to the north. I have is as my "Transylvanian" town. It looks to Luln for protection and trade.

Rather than a newly built town 30 years old, I have Luln as an ancient village... destroyed and rebuilt a number of times... that had a population influx 30 years ago. One of the ancient versions of the town had sewers... accessible from Wide St.