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Errata and comments to the Lupin Article

by Bruce Heard

I finally got a chance to look at my original computer file and compare with the table listing Class Level Limitations for lupins (DRAGON Magazine #237). I found three big errors.

#1 Wee Folk: cannot be rangers. The line listing the levels for wee folks, starting with rangers, was printed one column too far to the left. In other words, there should be no number (zero) in the column for Rangers, 15L should go under Wizards, 15 under cleric, 9M under Druids, 13 under Thieves, and 6 under Bards.

#2 Mongrels: same mistake. Mongrels should not be paladins -- there should be no number (zero) in the column for Paladin; the "U" should be located in the Rangers column, the 12 under Wizards, the 15 under Clerics, the 13 under Druids, the next 13 under the Thieves, and the 9 under the Bards.

#3 Ochalean Crested: the table stating class limitations for each lupin sub-race lists the Ochalean Crested with a 18th level max limitation as a druid. It should be instead limited to 18th level max as a wizard (the footmark is in the wrong column).

The Ochalean Crested is a little guy (halfling size), almost totally hairless, with black or dark brown skin, a white tuft flowing from the top of its head down to its shoulders, and white hair growing on the back of its hands and on its feet.

These are more comments on my article by the Mystara Mailing List:

>>1) The alignments for the Torreón Pit-Bull are listed as chaotic neutral to neutral evil. Does this include true neutral, or is it just chaotic neutral, chaotic evil, and neutral evil? A similar question applies to the Narvaezan Maremma, the Glantri Mountaineer, and the Grand Bloodhound which have alignments of lawful neutral to neutral good. Again, does this include true neutral?<<

Good point. Pit Bull (no -- no true neutral, ever). Narvaezan Maremma, Glantri Mountaineer, Grand Boudhound -- yes, although this may be an unusual alignment choice for these lupins.

>>2) What exactly is a foo-dog? Tabes 5 and 6 mention that some lupins have foo-dog bloodlines, but I'm afraid I don't know what a foo-dog is.<<

A foo-dog was an AD&D oriental adventures creature, some sort of magical Chinese dog. Suddenly, I wonder if the foo-dog was a 1st Edition monster. Is it not available in 2nd Edition AD&D? Have I erred somehow? (a doubt, a cruel doubt...)

>>3) Maremma is an area of Italy not far (about 150 Km) from my hometown, it's an area like the Camargue in French and the "Pastore Maremmano" (Maremman Shepard) is also a kind of dog, but I don't see why "Narvaezan Maremma". Moreover Narvaez is a very religious country, while Maremma is often used instead of Madonna (the Lady) by swearing people (a popular pastime here in Tuscany). Narvaezan Maremma sounds quite ironic.<<

Correct. The real world Maremma is a dog breed from Italy, from which the Navaezan Maremma lupin was inspired. This was intentional (and meant as an ironic choice) on my part. The Maremma lupin is one of the few lupins that can be a paladin, although it is not human.

It was difficult in some case coming up with fantasy names for the lupins' "derivatives" since many of the names given to dog breeds are real world geographic names (try this -- Yorkshire, Pekingese, Dalmatian, Great Dane, German Shepard, French Hound, Old English Sheep Dog, Mexican Hairless, Chinese Crested, etc...) Some got "translated" into new lupin terms that were still reminiscent of the connection with the real world dog breed, in other cases, like the Maremma, it got a bit harder without losing something in the process.

As for which kind of lupin each picture in the article represents, here's the complete list:

Page 70 -- Bouchon holding wine goblet (still full, amazing!)

Page 75 -- (left) Blue Bandit with nice ring (don't know whose)

Page 75 -- (right) Borzoi with pipe and walking stick (walking???)

Page 78 -- (left) Maremma with sword (and a proud demeanour)

Page 78 -- (right) Nithian Rambler with evil intention (although a serene one)

Page 79 -- Ochalean Crested with scroll (and a wild expression)

Page 80 -- (left) Slagovici Gonic (should have an upside down ^ accent over both c's) and with a spark in his eyes

Page 80 -- (right) Shar-Pei with pole arm (okay, it looks like a spear)