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Locations from the Vulcanian Peninsula Region

by Geoff Gander

I never developed this area at all, but put down locations of interest where I thought they would make the most sense. To my mind this is truly a remote region, and should be inhabited by weird and unique creatures and people.... or holdovers from earlier times.

If I were to develop it now, the Tanglewood would be a primal forest where Nature (with a capital "N") is unsullied. This is where gakaraks and other powerful forest creatures could live, where fey creatures live openly, and where the outside world is not welcome. I could also see this region as a place where refugees from the Great Rain of Fire might have settled (probably in locations 2 and 3, and possibly 4), cut off from Blackmoorian civilisation and growing in interesting ways. If the GM goes with the region being fey, then these folk and their descendants would be unwelcome, and probably cling to the coasts. Or....they may have decided to go back to nature to win the protection of the fey, in which case you could have humans infused with natural energy - sort of like druids on steroids. This could be a place of wild magic.
Location 5 could have been a high-security prison or similar facility in Blackmoorian times, as the axial tilt back then would - if I am not mistaken - have placed it in the high antarctic. What would have happened after the Great Rain of Fire would be for the GM to determine. If it was a secret lab then specimens could easily have escaped into the surrounding wilderness and survived, making the Eastwood a dangerous place indeed. If the Tanglewood is a fey domain, then they would have kept the incursions to a minimum. Following this idea further, the Eastwood could be a region of unique monsters, or holdovers from Blackmoorian times. Definitely a place for high-stakes monster hunting!
As for location 1... how about it be inhabited by the descendants of an ill-fated colonial expedition? Ideally it would be a regional power that would have had the resources to send out colonists, such as Varellya (which has been established in prior fan writings as having tried to explore the world in the past), or possibly the Milenians before the Leviathan forced them to retreat from the sea. Again, this would be a people who have adapted to their surroundings and become something new in their own right.