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Flow Directions in the Lower Broken Lands

by Robin

In my deeep deeeep delving in the Broken Lands I discovered that there is actually no flow directions given in the Underground fluidic masses. Studying this together with some volcanists/geologists who found my Geomorphologicval study of the region not only feasible but also logical in the given circumstances. (i am proud on this :ugeek:yes yes )
With some extra advice from them as thus I give them here. Hope you all like it.

Lake Morkia (lower Yellow Orkia); Stable lake, close ecological environment, No input/output water.
Gnollistan; Water Originating from Broken Lands Corner High Gobliny-Hobgobland and maybe some Of the Crashed Mountains between Broken Lands and Colossus Mountains===>seeping down to Lower Gnollistan (8-10 ml NW Oenkmar)===> into Great Mamga Chamber, pressured up as Steam vent/geyser,===> escaping in the region along the Streel River north of Gnollistan Plateau

Bugbur River(Lower Bugburbia); Originating Seeping down in Collossus Mountains===> Congregating into Bugbur River==1==> Bugburbia and ==2==>Gobliny===> seeping through channels to KolDahk River Kolland===>Shining One's Lake===>Seeping Down through Channels into Shadow Lands

Trollhattan,; Originating Rain& Vesubian River===>seeping down to reducing channels to Lower Tollhattan==1==> flowing to Lower Ogremoor===>Shadow Lands ....AND==2==>West river Pressured up to wells Huledain region===> Flowing together to form stream creeks===>flowing into Streel River Darokin Middle===>flowing into Ocean/Malpheggi swamp.

Ogreditch(Lower Red Orcland)--Originating From Plains SW of Fort Nell Darokin===> seeping through ground forming Ogreditch===>congregating into Lake Gum===>overflowing into Ogreditch===>flowing Down to Shadow Lands

Magma flow; Input Worldshield pressured up to Magma Klazyrd Chamber AND Twin volcanoes===> Thus Forming Great Magma Chamber===> Flows to Lavalake west and Lava Lake east and a small lava tunnel in Lower Ogremoor...further Down back to Worldshield (ecological lava circle--like Our Real world water circle)

The Shadow Elves in Aengmor/Oenkmar, with the intention of Rising the Rock of Oenkmar with Aengmor ontop, must close off all side ways of the Magma chamber, as the increase pressure will overflow there and make rising impossible. As thus the small down pouring lava tunnel in Lower Ogremoor has to be closed and the other gates temporarily cooled/hardened to enable a rise. When the magma rises, it will pressure the Oenkmar rock up, (guided by the Shadow Elves) through the shaft it sank down in earlier times, back up into the sandhole in Lower Gnollistan and up in the volcanic shaft in upper Gnollistann(as Shadow Elves are hurt by the sun they will probably force the rock to become stuck in Lower Gnollistan or half way up to Upper Gnollistan. As the cooling down on the large pits is then stopped, ther cooled spots will melt again, the pressure will stop, excess magma will flow down again, but with a fully filled great magma chamber and remaining channels (no air above the magma, any inflowing air/water will become superheated and pressed out through tiny vents as Geysers). This will also increase the number of eruptions of all three volcanoes in the Broken Lands, making these regular, but decreasing the released power, making the eruptions less powerfull & dangerous.(beware they are still deadly nearby