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Mystara 3E - Chapter 1: Characters, Feats

by Roger LV Girtman II

The following section appears in the first part of the chapter, basically detailing what to find in this chapter.
New Feats
This chapter introduces a number of new feats appropriate to various lands and cultures of the Known World. An Ethengari warrior might learn to dismount from his horse while aiming a notched arrow without loosing stride, while a Glantrian mage could delve into the dangerous lore of the Radiance and learn to tap sources of magical energy that most wizards dare not touch. Of course, all the feats described in the Player's Handbook are still available to Known World characters.

The following section is a sidebar that appears under the "Character Regions" heading, after the race and class lists. It is included here due to relevance.
How Regional Feats Are Used
Regional feats are intended to represent a character's upbringing, his past before he began adventuring. Some regional feats may only be selected at first level, and then only if the character meets the regional and preferred class prerequisites.
As an option, some DMs, being of a generous and giving persuasion, might also encourage their players to select classes appropriate to their region's or race's culture by providing them with one extra regional feat at first level, in addition to the normal feats they get during character creation.
All NPCs in this volume and future supplements will be created with the assumption that this option is not utilised.

This section, below, is the meat of the Feats section.
Almost every elf across the Known World seems to know a bit of arcane magic. In the martial realms of Thyatis, every young man learns to fight with both sword and fist. Naive-looking halflings from the Shires have an indomitable will and can even deny magic its arcane power when threatened by terrible peril; and a Rockborn dwarf is sure to be greatly resistant to most forms of magic. It seems that any adventurer exploring the deadly ruins and perilous wildernesses of the Known World possesses a little specialised training or a knack common to the lands in which he grew up.
The feats in this chapter supplement the feats in the Player's Handbook and follow all the rules in that book for determining how many may be chosen and how often a character may do so. In addition, some of these new feats possess an additional prerequisite: the appropriate character region, as described in the previous section. Two of the feats described below also have a racial prerequisite, regardless of the region.
Some of the regional feats are defined as [Regional, Fighter]. This means a fighter can use his bonus feat to acquire one of those feats. However, the character still needs to qualify for that region in order to take the feat (see Regional Feats in the Character Region section above).
This is followed by a table listing the feats, then the descriptions of the feats themselves.


General Feats Prerequisite Benefit
Boxing2 Str 10+, Dex 10+ Unarmed strikes no longer provoke Attacks of opportunity
Elemental Focus — +2 Spell DC on spells of one energy type
Improved Familiar Summon Familiar Greater choice of familiars
Improved Wrestling2 5+ BAB, Str 13+, Dex 13+ Grapple with both Str and Dex modifiers
Marksman Missile weapon proficiency +2 Attack with missile vs. cover
Military Tactics Combat Reflexes Not flat-footed at start of combat
Minor Divination1 Wis 15+ Cast 0-level Divination spells
Smash Power Attack, BAB +5 Special combat manoeuvre, see text
Thuggery — +4 Intimidate
Wrestling2 Str 10+, Dex 10+, Ability to Grapple Apply Dex mod to Grapple checks

Regional Feats Prerequisites Benefit
Ancient Wisdom1 — +2 Knowledge (Arcana)
Arcane Curiosity1 — +2 Spellcraft, Use Magic Device
Arcane Rebuke1 — +4 Save vs. arcane spells
Armoured Casting1 Dex 12+ -15% Arcane Spell Failure
Atheist1 — +4 Save vs. divine spells
Brute Force2 Str 13+ +1d2 damage, +1 attack with melee weapons
Diplomat1 Cha 13+ +2 Diplomacy and Cha checks
Dismount1 Ride skill Dismount as a swift action.
Dual Wield2 Two-weapon Fighting Two-weapon fighting penalties reduced
Elven Magical Training1 Int 10+ Cast 0-level Arcane spells
Faith — Cast 1st level Domain spells
Flourish2 — Coup de grace doesn’t provoke Attack of Opportunity
Fury Iron Will Continue to act normally from 0 to -9 hps
Gift of Arcane1 — Sor or Wiz counts as PrC
Grapevine — +2 Gather Information and Sense Motive
Incognito Cha 13+ +2 Bluff and Disguise
Knowledge Base — Knowledge skills become class skills
Larceny Dex 13+ +2 Forgery and Sleight of Hand checks
Longbreath Con 13+ Hold your breath 1½x longer
Mounted Tactics Ride skill Mount not flat-footed at start of combat
Mysticism — +2 Spellcraft checks, +1 Will saves
Pacifism — +2 Dodge bonus to AC, -1 Attack & damage
Panache — Automatic success at flamboyant acts
Perspective Wis 13+ +2 Search and Sense Motive checks
Progeny1 — Shapechanger blood provides special ability
Quick Study — Cross-class skills cost 1 point per rank
Renaissance — Two skill become class skills
Spirit Bond1 — +1 Bonus to two Saves


+2 Hide and Move Silently
Survivor — +2 Knowledge (nature) and Survival
Sworn Foe1 — +2 Attack and Damage versus goblinoids
Tall in the Saddle Ride skill, Mounted Combat +2 Initiative and Ride checks when mounted
Tinker — +4 Craft checks
Treachery — +2 Bluff and Diplomacy
Underdog — +2 Attack, damage, AC, skills, and SR checks when outnumbered by at least 2 to 1
Wanderlust1 — +2 Gather Information and Knowledge (Local)
Weirding — +2 Sense Motive and Use Magical Device

Racial Feats Prerequisite Benefit
Denial BAB +5, Halfling Varies, see text
Elven High Magic Caster level 10+, Elf Access to Elven High Magic spell list

Metamagic Feats Prerequisite Benefit
Energy Change — Change energy type of a spell
Spellflash — Change visual element of spells

1 Must be taken at first level
2 May be selected as a Fighter Bonus Feat

Source: The vast majority of these feats come from Estlor's The Lighthouse website.
These were originally designed for 3.0, I think I have 3.5-ified them all, if I missed anything let me know.

Note: A few of these feats lead to heated discussions with my playtesters--especially Progeny and Spellflash. Critique is welcome.

Ancient Wisdom [regional]
You are well versed in the arcana.
Region: Alphatia, Esterhold, Gnome, Modrigswerg, Thothia.
Benefit: If Knowledge (Arcana) is not already a class skill, it becomes one through this feat. Additionally, you gain a +2 bonus to all Knowledge (Arcana) skills you take.
Special: This feat must be taken at 1st level.

Arcane Curiosity [Regional]
You are fascinated by the arcane and arcane procedures.
Region: Glantri, Lupin, Skygnome.
Benefit: Grants a +2 bonus to Spellcraft and Use Magic Device checks.
Special: This feat must be taken at 1st level.

Arcane Rebuke [Regional]
You were born without the gift of arcane magic use, but as such are resistant to it.
Region: Alphatia, Dwarf.
Benefit: You cannot cast any arcane spells, regardless of class. You can still become a bard, sorcerer, or wizard, but you are unable to learn spells in those classes. However, your distance from the arcane grants you a +4 bonus to all saves against arcane spells or spell-like effects that mimic arcane spells.
Special: This feat must be taken at 1st level.

Armoured Casting [Regional]
You are especially skilled at casting arcane spells in heavy armour.
Prerequisite: 12+ Dex
Region: Aquarendi, Elf, Shadowelf, Wendar.
Benefit: Your arcane spell failure total is reduced by 15%. Arcane spell failure cannot be reduced below 0% in this manner.
Special: This feat must be taken at 1st level.

Atheist [Regional]
You believe that putting faith in the Immortals is foolish and illogical.
Region: Glantri.
Benefit: You cannot cast any divine spells, regardless of class. You can still become a druid or ranger, but you are unable to learn spells in those classes. However, your lack of faith in the divine grants you a +4 bonus to all saves against divine spells or spell-like effects that mimic divine spells.
Special: This feat must be taken at 1st level.

Boxing [General, Fighter]
You know how to effectively fight unarmed without leaving your defences down.
Prerequisite: Str 10+, Dex 10+.
Benefit: Unarmed strikes do not provoke an attack of opportunity and a successful critical hit has the chance of rendering the target unconscious (Target makes a FORT save against the character's STR score). Creatures immune to critical hits are unaffected by a knockout punch.
Normal: Unarmed attacks provoke an attack of opportunity and there is no chance of a knockout.
Special: Fighters may select this as a bonus feat.

Brute Force [regional, Fighter]
Your ferocity in combat allows you to deal more damage with your blows.
Region: Hattias, Lupin, Northlands.
Benefit: You deal an additional 1d2 points of damage on each successful hit, regardless of the type of weapon you use. In addition, you gain a +1 to hit with melee weapons.
Special: This feat must be taken at 1st level. Fighters may select this as a bonus feat.

Create Portal [Item Creation]
You have learned the ancient craft of creating a portal, a permanent magic device that instantaneously transports those who know its secrets from one locale to another.
Prerequisite: Craft Wondrous Item.
Benefit: You can create any portal whose prerequisites you meet. Crafting a portal takes one day for each 1,000 gp in its base price. To craft a portal, you must spend 1/25 of its base price in XP and use up raw materials costing half of this base price. See Chapter 2: Magic for details of portal creation.
Some portals incur extra costs in material components or XP as noted in their descriptions. These costs are in addition to those derived from the portal's base price.

Denial [Racial]
Your force of will is so strong, and your spirit so in tune with the magic of the world, that you can deny a spellcaster the power of his magic.
Prerequisite: 5+ Base Attack Bonus.
Race: Halfling.
Benefit: Once per day the hin can stop a spell or spell like effect simply by crying "NO" and focusing his will into thwarting the attack. This causes the Hin to take 1d4 points of damage from using his own life force to thwart the attack. To find out the effects of the Denial, Roll 1d20 and add Wis+Cha scores (not bonuses) and consult the table below. For every odd level beyond 5th (7th, 9th, etc...), the hin adds +1 to this roll.
Denial Effects

Score Effect
Under 30 Denial Fails
30-35 Effect robbed of either 1 round of duration or 1 die of damage
36-39 Effect diverted 10’-30’ in random direction or robbed of 2 die of damage
40-45 Effect diverted 30’-70’ in random direction or robbed of 3 die of damage
46-49 Effect robbed of all but token effect (mainly visual), max damage to all targets is 2hp
50-53 Effect negated completely, charges still used, spell still lost
54+ Effect hurled back upon wielder for full effect

Denial Modifiers*

-5 Trying to deny an artifact
-5 Trying to deny an Epic-level spell
+2 Hin is defending his own home or clan stronghold, or spot thoroughly known as special to the hin
+4 Hin is defending beings other than himself who are dear to him (family, close friends etc…)

*These bonuses stack.
*If the hin dies or is wounded in the same round as the denial attempt it will not be ruined or wasted, it will still have full effect.
*If near a source of Blackflame (within 30') the denial attempt does not cause the 1d4 damage.

Special: You may Deny as a standard action during the target's turn, as if you were taking an attack of opportunity, regardless of threat-range. The hin must have a readied action, just like a wizard using a counterspell.

Diplomat [regional]
Your contact with all different sorts of people enables you to deal with a variety of situations and cultures.
Prerequisite: 12+ Cha
Region: Pearl Islands, Trade Lands.
Benefit: You have a +2 bonus to your Diplomacy skill and Charisma checks.
Special: This feat must be taken at 1st level.

Dismount [Regional]
You are skilled at getting down from the saddle of a mount.
Prerequisite: Ride skill.
Region: Steppes.
Benefit: You can mount and dismount, in combat, as a swift action.
Special: This feat must be taken at 1st level.

Dual Wield [Regional, Fighter]
You can use two swords that you can normally wield one handed with intense skill.
Prerequisite: Two-Weapon Fighting.
Region: Alasiya.
Benefit: When fighting with two one-handed weapons of the same type, your two-weapon fighting penalties are reduced by 1. In addition, you can forego your attack with the off-hand sword to gain a +2 shield bonus to your armour class. This feat stacks with the two-weapon fighting feat.
Special: Fighters may select this as a bonus feat.

Elemental Focus [General]
Choose an element, such as water. Your spells of that type are more potent than normal.
Benefit: Add +2 to the Difficulty Class for all saving throws against spells from the element you select this focus on.
Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new element.

Elven High Magic [Racial]
You have been taught the secrets of elven high magic by your clan's elders. You have access to certain highly guarded magics which stem from the clan's Tree of Life.
Prerequisite: Caster Level 10+.
Race: Elf.
Benefit: You have access to Elven High Magic (EHM) spells, in addition to your normal spell list. These spells are either arcane or divine, whichever type is your highest casting class level, and cannot be scribed onto scrolls.
Special: At the DM's option, non-elven members of the Foresters may meet the racial prerequisite for this feat.

Elven Magical Training [Regional]
You are a member of a traditional elven society, by birth or adoption, where basic magic is taught to all with the aptitude for it. Every elf, it seems, regardless of profession or role is trained in the use of a small amount of arcane magic.
Prerequisite: INT 10+.
Region: Elf (all), or member of the Foresters.
Benefit: You may cast the 0-level arcane spells dancing lights, daze, detect magic, mage hand, and prestidigitation once per day each. You suffer spell failure chance if you wear armour. You are treated as a 1st level wizard for the purpose of determining range. This stacks with any arcane spellcaster levels you may have.
Special: Must be taken at 1st level, or upon adoption by the Vyalia clan, for Foresters.

Energy Change [Metamagic]
You can cast a spell of a specific energy type as another.
Benefit: An energy changed spell deals damage of a different energy type determined by you while preparing the spell. For example, you might choose to cast a sonicball that deals sonic damage instead of fire damage, freezing hands that deal cold damage instead of fire damage, or a lightning storm that deals electricity damage instead of cold damage. Spells without energy types for damage are not affected.
Special: An energy changed spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell's actual level.

Faith [Regional]
Your deep beliefs in an Immortal gain you favour with them.
Region: Alasiya, Dread Sea, Hutaaka, Sind, Traladara.
Benefit: When this feat is taken, designate a specific Immortal it is taken for. Once per day you can cast the 1st level domain spells from three domains of that Immortal as a cleric of the same level. This feat can only be taken once.

Flourish [Regional, fighter]
You are especially skilled at flashy, impressive finishes in combat.
Region: Thyatis.
Benefit: Coup de graces no longer provoke attacks of opportunity.
Special: Fighters may select this as a bonus feat.

Fury [Regional]
You are overcome by a rage in battle.
Prerequisite: Iron Will.
Region: Northlands.
Benefit: You can continue to function as normal while in combat even though you are reduced to less than 0 hit points. You can function normally until -10 hit points at which point you die, or until combat ends at which point normal rules for negative hit points take affect.

Gift of the Arcane [Regional]
You are born with a natural talent for using arcane magic.
Region: Alphatia, Modrigswerg.
Benefit: You can choose to have either sorcerer or wizard count as a prestige class for the purposes of multiclassing and experience penalties.
Special: Must be taken at 1st level.

GrapeVine [Regional]
You have the knack for hearing and learning things that you otherwise should not be able to.
Region: Trade Lands.
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to your Gather Information and Sense Motive skills.

Improved Familiar [General]
So long as you are able to acquire a new familiar, you may choose your new familiar from a non-standard list.
Prerequisite: Summon familiar
Benefit: When choosing a familiar, the following creatures are also available to you. You may choose a familiar with an alignment up to one step away from yours, except for where a specific alignment is noted in the table below.

Kind of Familiar Arcane Caster Level
Aryth1 [good] 5
Bogan1 [evil] 5
Fylgar1 [lawful] 5
Gretch1 5
Imp1 [chaotic evil] 7
Pseudodragon [good] 7
Stirge 5
Tabi1 7
Ulzaq1 [chaotic] 5

1 These creatures are described in Monsters of the Known World.

Improved Wrestling [General, Fighter]
You are exceptionally well trained in wrestling techniques that allow you to quickly earn the upper hand during a grapple attempt.
Prerequisite: Base Attack Bonus +5, Wrestling, Str 13+, Dex 13+
Benefit: You include your STR and DEX modifier to your grapple checks.
Normal: Grapple checks are not made with DEX modifiers.
Special: Fighters may select this feat as a Fighter Bonus Feat

Incognito [Regional]
You have the envied ability to make yourself seem unimportant to observers, no matter how major a figure you may actually be.
Prerequisite: Charisma 13+.
Region: Freeholds, Hin, Pearl Islands.
Benefit: You have a +2 bonus to your Bluff and Disguise skills.

Knowledge Base [Regional]
You were raised in a culture of curiosity, in which all sorts of knowledge were available to you.
Region: Gnome, Modrigswerg, Skygnome.
Benefit: All Knowledge skills are class skills.

Larceny [General]
You have developed superior skills at thievery.
Prerequisite: Dexterity 13+.
Region: Hin.
Benefit: You have a +2 bonus to your Forgery and Pick Pockets skills.

Long Breath [Regional]
You can hold your breath for longer than normal lengths of time.
Prerequisite: Constitution 13+.
Region: Aquarendi.
Benefit: You can hold your breath one and a half times as long as normal before the suffocation rules take affect.

Marksman [general]
Your skill with missile weapons is awe-inspiring.
Prerequisite: Proficiency with at least one missile weapon.
Benefit: You have a +1 to hit with missile weapons in normal circumstances and a +2 when the intended target has any type of cover.

Military Tactics [general]
You are especially skilled in the tactics of the battlefield.
Prerequisite: Combat Reflexes.
Benefit: You cannot be caught flat-footed in combat while on foot, but you may still be denied your Dexterity bonus due to flanking.
Normal: A character is considered flat-footed until his initiative begins during the first round of combat.

Minor Divination [general]
Your prescient powers are sharp enough to detect things beyond the normal senses.
Prerequisite: Wisdom 15+.
Benefit: You can cast detect poison, detect secret doors, and detect chaos/evil/good/law once per day as a wizard of the same level. These spells are considered arcane and are subject to arcane spell failure.
Special: Must be taken at 1st level.

Mounted Tactics [Regional]
Your combat skills in the saddle are superior to others.
Prerequisite: 1+ ranks in Ride skill, Mounted Combat.
Region: Steppes.
Benefit: You cannot be caught flat-footed in combat while mounted, but you may still be denied your Dexterity bonus due to flanking.

Mysticism [Regional]
You have a deep, personal spirituality from a lifetime of meditation and reflection.
Region: Atruaghin, Hutaaka, Ochalea, Rakasta, Sind.
Benefit: You have a +2 bonus to your Spellcraft skill and a +1 bonus to your Will saves.

Pacifism [General]
You abhor unnecessary violence of any type and seek to avoid such things.
Region: Dread Sea, Pearl Islands.
Benefit: You have a +2 dodge bonus to your armour class when in combat. However, your dislike of violence gives you a -1 to your attack and damage rolls.

Panache [General]
You are able to perform seemingly impossible tasks with enough style to come out looking great in the process.
Region: Lupin, Rakasta.
Benefit: Through use of this feat, you can gather your flamboyant, swashbuckling actions into Panache Points (PPs) to enable you to succeed at impossible tasks in the future. You can store a number of PPs up to your level plus your Charisma modifier, if positive. PPs are spent to improve your chances at some task. Whenever you perform something, whether successful or not, in an over-the-top, devil-may-care manner, you earn PPs (typically no more than two per action, as per what the DM feels is appropriate). Later, you can spend points either to gain bonuses to rolls or to achieve an impressive action. When improving rolls, 1 PP grants you a +1 bonus to any roll it is spent on (PPs can be spent on virtually anything, including bonuses to attack rolls, AC for one round, saving throws, skill checks, ability checks, spell resistance checks, damage, and so on). For actions that are not dependant on die rolls, apply the following table to find out the PP cost.

Cost Accomplishment
1 PP A normal task automatically
5 PP A challenging task automatically
10 PP An impossible task with an ability/skill check.

Characters can only expend 1 PP per level at a time.
In addition to spending PPs you have stored up, you can also spend up to 10 PPs you have not yet earned. These are called Gauche Points (GPs). These represent the "trouble factor" that is usually associated with swashbucklers. GPs can be spent by the DM at a rate of one for any piece of bad news you receive. Common examples are cancelling successful rolls you make or adding unfortunate twists to the story.
When PPs or GPs are expended, you or the DM must describe in detail the resulting action in the most dramatic (or unfortunate) way possible, otherwise the action fails automatically regardless of result and the PPs or GPs are lost.

Perspective [General]
Your unique culture, lifespan, or reflective lifestyle has enabled you to see things others might miss.
Prerequisite: Wisdom 13+.
Region: Atruaghin, Elf, Esterhold, Hutaaka, Ochalea.
Benefit: You have a +2 to your Search and Sense Motive skills.

Progeny [General]
You have some monstrous blood in your ancestry. The strength of the bloodline is too small to qualify for a "half-" race template, but it still grants a power.
Region: Glantri.
Benefit: The ability to trace your lineage back to shapechanging monsters (dragons, dryads, nymphs, sylphs, medusae, lycanthropes, etc) grants you a special benefit. When this feat is taken, the DM should roll on the following charts to determine if you truly have progeny, and if so, if you have any special benefits or defects from it. Progeny can only be taken once, no matter the results.
Special: Must be taken at 1st level.
[The table for the Progeny feat matches the original table from G:KoM... It is too large to repeat here.]

Quick Study [regional]
You are able to learn things not typical of your class at a faster rate.
Region: Hinterlands.
Benefit: When you take this feat, choose two cross-class skills. For these skills you only need to spend 1 skill point to gain 1 rank in the skill. Cross-class skill rank maximums must still be observed.

Renaissance [General]
The region you grew up in exposed you to a number of new and unique skills you otherwise would not have access to.
Region: Trade Lands.
Benefit: When you take this feat, choose two cross-class skills. These skills become class skills for you regardless of the class you are taking at a particular level.

Smash [General]
You can deliver a crushing, debilitating melee attack.
Prerequisite: Power Attack, Base Attack Bonus +5.
Benefit: As a full-round Action you can declare a smash against a target you threaten. The attack roll has a -5 penalty to it but, if successful, you deal damage equal to your weapon's normal damage + Strength modifier + Strength score.
Special: When utilising this feat, you must use your five-foot step after the attempt is made to recover your balance. Failure to do so will require a Balance (or Tumble) skill check against a DC equal to half the total damage dealt (or 10, if the attempt failed). A failed check causes the character to stumble (provoking an attack of opportunity) and be counted as flat-footed until the start of your next round, even if you are normally never flat-footed.

Spellflash [Metamagic]
You can vary the sound, shape, and colour of spells with visual effects.
Benefit: Any visual effects of spells can be modified in any way that you wish. Some common uses include fireballs that appear as flaming goblin heads, colour sprays that use your signature colour only, or magic missiles that are perfectly invisible. This feat is only able to modify visual effects, meaning that an invisible fireball would still roar and feel hot. Spells without visual effects are not affected.
A spellflashed spell does not cost a higher level spell slot.
Normal: Without spellflash, in order to modify the visual element of a spell, the spell must be cast at one spell slot higher than the spell's actual level.

Spirit Bond [General]
You have the blessings and protection of the spirits.
Region: Atruaghin.
Benefit: When you take this feat, choose two saving throws. For these saves you have a +1 bonus.
Special: Must be taken at 1st level.

Stealth [Regional]
You are especially good at making yourself appear invisible in your normal setting.
Region: Freeholds, Hinterlands.
Benefit: Choose one terrain which is typical for your home region. You have a +2 bonus to your Hide and Move Silently skills within this environment.

Survivor [Regional]
You are able to find enough food and supplies to survive in even the most barren terrain.
Region: Shadowelf.
Benefit: You have a +2 bonus to your Knowledge (nature) and Survival skills.

Sworn Foe [Regional]
Goblinoid raids on your homelands have made you skilled at combating them.
Region: Northlands.
Benefit: You have a +2 bonus to hit and damage against goblinoids.
Special: Must be taken at 1st level.

Tall in the Saddle [Regional]
You are in complete command of the situation when on the back of your mount.
Prerequisite: Ride skill, Mounted Combat.
Region: Steppes.
Benefit: When in combat and mounted, you gain a +2 to your initiative and Ride skill checks.

Thuggery [General]
You regularly use your muscles to get your way in a situation.
Benefit: You gain a +4 bonus to your Intimidate skill.

Tinker [Regional]
You enjoy fooling with mechanical objects in an attempt to discover what makes them work.
Region: Gnome, Skygnome.
Benefit: You gain a +4 bonus to your Craft skill for the purposes of understanding and constructing technology of a level equal to or greater than the crossbow.

Treachery [regional]
Your mind has been conditioned to know the right time to betray others, and the best way to get away with it.
Region: Thothia, Thyatis.
Benefit: You have a +2 bonus to your Bluff and Diplomacy skills.

Underdog [regional]
Your society's history of being conquered has made you good in combat when outnumbered.
Region: Alasiya, Esterhold, Freeholds, Sind, Traladaran.
Benefit: When you (or the group you are with) are outnumbered by a ratio of 2 to 1, you gain a +2 to your attack and damage rolls with any weapon, your armour class, your skill checks, and your spell resistance rolls for the remainder of that combat.

Wanderlust [regional]
You feel called to see the world and experience as much as possible.
Region: Dread Sea, Hin.
Benefit: You have a +2 bonus to your Gather Information and Knowledge (local) skills.
Special: Must be taken at 1st level.

Weirding [regional]
You are in touch with a strange, superstitious level of consciousness.
Region: Traladaran.
Benefit: You have a +2 bonus to your Sense Motive and Use Magic Device skills. If you are normally unable to utilise the Use Magic Device skill, it becomes a class skill for you.

Wrestling [General, Fighter]
You are trained in wrestling techniques that allow you to move more freely during a grapple.
Prerequisite: Ability to grapple, Str 10+, Dex 10+
Benefit: You apply your STR or DEX modifier, whichever is greater, to your grapple checks.
Normal: Grapple checks are made only with STR modifiers.
Special: Fighters may select this feat as a Fighter Bonus Feat