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Mystara 3E - Chapter 5: Immortals

by Roger LV Girtman II

This chapter should consist of sections.
What are Immortals (Player's PoV) -- Gods, Ancestors, great heroes, Guardian Spirits, etc
What are Immortals (DM/Game PoV)
Spheres of Power
Paths to Immortality
List of Immortals -- At a minimum, this needs to include all the immortals mentioned in the Characters chapter (see Converting Core Deities and Immortal Patron by Region)

The list of immortals should have very small write-ups. The template to be used is the same as the PhB Description chapter:
[Name] is the Immortal patron of [interests], he is [Alignment]. He is known as [alternate names]. [Name] is the patron of [list typical worshippers or region/culture/people worshipped]. [One sentence describing his personality or belief system, as appropriate.] He is associated with [list of domains]. The [weapon] is his favoured weapon.