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Mystara 3E - Chapter 9: Critters, Creatures & Monsters

by Roger LV Girtman II

"She was a great beast, with a head tha' loom'd out o'er the water like a magnificent demon comin' t' get us! 'Twas beautiful I tell ye!"

Grimmik Ironsides, dwarven merchant, describing the fabled Lake Klintest monster

Many creatures roam the wilds and ruins of MYSTARA, from the terrible and deadly to the strange and wondrous. All of the creatures described in the MM can be found in the MYSTARA game setting. In addition, Monsters of the Known World describes more than one hundred creatures unique to MYSTARA. In this chapter, a handful of the most commonplace or iconic creatures of the MYSTARA game setting are described.

Seven creatures follow this introductory blurb. They are intended to be a sampling of some of the more iconic Mystaran creatures of various types (monster, plant, animal, template, etc). They are the Actaeon, Archer Bush, Chevall, Hypnosnake, Nosferatu, Panther, and Sirenflower.