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Mystara 3E - Chapter 7: Organisations

by Roger LV Girtman II

Hideous trolls and fire-breathing dragons may account for the doom of many noble heroes, but even more meet their end from the knife in the dark or a smiling face that conceals black-hearted treachery. The Known World is home to fell powers that choose to work through stealth, intimidation, intrigue, and terror. Bold knights and battle-wise wizards alike have fallen to foes they never even suspected in cities or courts they deemed safe.
Hundreds of guilds, cabals, societies, and orders exist in the Known World's wide lands. Some assemble to wage war against evil, swearing solemn oaths of goodwill and protection as binding as any paladin's. But most are alliances of ambitious, wealthy, and frequently ruthless people interested only in advancing their hidden agendas, regardless of who or what gets in their way.

This intro is followed by a write-up of each of the major organisations. Major is defined as region-spanning, widely-known, or having a significant impact on the world-at-large.

This is a sample template for organisations. Ideally, each entry would be a full-page. If someone has a better suggestion, please let me know.

The Foresters
"a quote by or about the Foresters"
--Name of Quoter

The Foresters are elf friends and protectors of nature; they protect elf communities from harm and keep other species from destroying forests. This order also trains humans to wield weapons and magic like the elves do.

Joining The Foresters Name:
To join the foresters the prospective member must be human, and usually are from the Foreston or Greenheight areas of Thyatis. The elves watch prospective humans to look for the ones who have a love of nature, actively protect and nurture the wild lands, and have the willingness to learn the ways of the elves.
Entry Requirements: Human, 3 years training in Foreston and Greenheight (usually before beginning a career as an adventurer).
Usually Rangers and barbarians join the Foresters, as well as members of the Forester Prestige Class, but the organisation is open to all classes.
The Foresters Benefits:
All members of the Foresters have been adopted by one the clans of Vyalia elves. This membership to the clan allows the member to live among the elves and gain access to elvish records and legends that no other human would ever be able to see.
Economics: What kind of resources you can expect from the Foresters.
Services: What kind of services you can expect from the Foresters
Information: Foresters enjoy access to the old elvish records that no one besides the Vyalia elves have access to. These records may contain locations of lost treasures, hidden tombs or the like. This is entirely up to the DM.
Access: What kind of accommodations the Foresters can provide for you.

Playing a The Foresters Member:
Ideas of how to use this in the game
Combat: the common tactics of the Foresters
Advancement: Members advance by showing talent in forestry, animal husbandry, and love of nature. The higher level members of the organisation usually travel to hot spots to asses what resources may be needed to repair damage, and what members may be needed to fix the problem.
Missions: Typical Forester missions include stopping incursions into Vyalia lands by monsters and even other Thyatian people. Also they are often called to help to establish druid groves throughout the land.
Responsibilities: Protection of the Forests and their adopted clan. Foresters voluntarily Tithe 10% of their income to the city of Foreston.

The Foresters in the world:
"Another Quote"
Name of Quoter

Description of how the Foresters interacts with the game world and how the DM can use it.
Structure: How the Foresters it set up

NPC Reactions
How everyone from outside or the Foresters views the Foresters

The Foresters Lore:
Characters with Knowledge (whatever) can research the Foresters to learn more about it.
DC 10:
info at dc 10
DC 15: a little bit more info
DC 20: secret info
DC 30: etc..

The Foresters in your game;
How to run a campaign with just the Foresters
Encounters: how you might meet a member of the Foresters
Adaptation: How to fit the Foresters in your game

Here is the list of Organisations that I've compiled. Suggestions for new entries or if an entry is not warranted is completely welcome.

The Foresters
Storm Soldiers
Sisterhood of the Sword
Retebius Air Fleet
Knights of the Air
Brotherhood of the Grey Lady
Major Churches (Traladara, Karameikos, Thyatis, Darokin, Eternal Truth, Shepherds of Rad)
Martial/Paladin Orders (Order of Gryphon, Elvenguard, Guard Phorsis)
Major Thieves Guilds (Iron Ring, Veiled Society, KoT, Whatever the major Guild in Darokin is, etc)
Monastic Orders (fron Sind, Ochalea, bin-Wadi Monastery my invention, Bengarian Hermitage)
Select Glantrian organisations (Secret Crafts, Brotherhood of Rad, ELF, FAERIE, etc)
Anything I missed