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Mystara 3E - Scope and Overview

by Roger LV Girtman II

This project will, initially consist of two books: Mystara Campaign Setting and Monsters of the Known World.

The second book will rely primarily on Jamie's conversions (we already have his permission) and he will gain full authorship credit. This book will essentially be a 3e reprint of the 2e Mystara Monstrous Compendium. Of course it will not be a total conversion, as some of the "classic" to 2e modifications will be removed, and several "WotC-only" monsters will not be included. Anyone willing to step forward and commit themselves to typesetting this document, or write the non-monster sections (introduction, etc.) will be gratefully appreciated--allowing the rest of us to focus on the main portion of the project.

The first book--which will be the primary focus--will be modelled after the 3e FRCS. Chapter descriptions shall consist of the following:

The target era for this work is the Known World AC 1000. This includes the entire mass of what is commonly called the Known World, with the addition of Alphatia, including the Isle of Dawn, Wendar, and Sind. Other areas may be referred to, but they will not get the complete treatment in this book.

When there is an issue with canon or continuity, newer works take precedence over older works.

I do intend to include "new material" by way of supporting fan contributions. After we consider printed official material from TSR, we can then include any era/setting appropriate fan material that does not cause conflict with published material.
In all cases, ensure that any submissions have proper documentation and permissions, for credit purposes.

Now, on to rules-issues. We will not re-design 3rd edition. We will no re-invent the wheel or re-write the elf's statistics. We can add descriptive text to explain why something is the way it is. We can add new rules. But we will no remove anything, and we will only change what is absolutely necessary, and then only as far as necessary.
An example of appropriate tweaks include creating the shadowelf sub-race, adding a terrain requirement to the Survival skill, creating an "elven magical training" feat to simulate the "magical elf" concept, or writing a sidebar explaining why half-elves are so rare they are thought to be non-existent.

Now, I understand that not everything will fall neatly together. The half-elf issue, for example, has so many problems with it that there can be no settlement. In these cases, we will discuss, but in the end, as I stated earlier, the final decision will be mine.