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by John Walter Biles

Okay, as noted in the other thread, the 4E Background rules basically let you pick one of two skills associated with a background, either to add it to your trainable skill list for your class or to give you a +2 bonus to it. (Which stacks with racial bonuses as it is untyped.)

Alphatian Empire: Arcane or History

Atruaghin Clans: Endurance or Nature Republic of Darokin: Diplomacy or Streetwise Ethengar Khanates: Intimidate or Nature
The Five Shires: Nature or Stealth
Republic of Glantri: Arcana or Perception Heldannic Knights: Intimidate or Religion
Kingdom of Ierendi: Acrobatics or Thievery
Grand Duchy of Karameikos: Endurance or Nature
Minrothad Guilds: Perception or Streetwise Kingdom of Ostland: Endurance and Intimidate
Kingdom of Rockhome: Dungeoneering and Endurance Kingdom of Sind: History or Religion
Soderfjord Jarldoms: Intimidate or Nature
Empire of Thyatis: Kingdom of Vestland: History or Nature
Kingdom of Wendar: Arcana or Nature
Emirates of Ylaruam: