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Brute-Man Feats

by argentmantle

Heroic Tier Feats

Noble Savage [Brute-Man]
Prerequisite: Brute-Man
Benefit: You gain a +1 initiative and a +1 to damage rolls while Bloodied.

Savage Hunter [Brute-Man]
Prerequisite: Brute-Man
Benefit: You gain proficiency and a +2 feat bonus to damage with clubs and spears.

Brute Speed [Brute-Man]
Prerequisite: Brute-Man
Benefit: You gain +1 speed and a +1 initiative.

Savage Roar [Brute-Man]
Prerequisite: Brute-Man
Benefit: You can let out a savage roar that bolsters your allies.

Savage Roar Feat Power
Let it all out.
Encounter Divine, Healing
Free Action Ranged 5

Trigger: You score a critical hit with a melee attack
Effect: One ally, within range, can spend a healing surge.
Special: You must take the Savage Roar feat to use this power.

Savage Courage [Brute-Man]
Prerequisite: Brute-Man
Benefit: Gain a +1 feat bonus to your Will save and a +1 feat bonus to Fortitude save.

Paragon Tier Feats

Throw Spear [Brute-Man]
Prerequisite: Brute-Man, Proficiency with Spear
Benefit: You may count spears as having the Heavy Thrown trait.

Savagery [Brute-Man]
Prerequisite: Brute-Man
Benefit: If you miss with a melee attack and you wouldn’t otherwise still deal damage on the miss, you deal damage to your original target equal to your Constitution modifier. This damage receives no modifiers or other benefits you normally gain to weapon damage.