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Clerics and Paladins

by Christopher Richard Davies

I'm using various already extant "Channel Divinity" feats to represent those used by the clerics and paladins of Mystara. The following are, of course, not the only Immortals in the world, but they are those most likely to be followed by clerics and paladins of the Known World.

Asterius (U) : Asterius' Silver Tongue (as Waukeen's Silver Tongue*)
Calitha Starbrow (U): Eyes of Starbrow (as Eyes of Selune*)
Chardastes (G): Chardastes' Martyrdom (as Ilmater's Martyrdom*)
Diulanna (U): Diulanna's Favour (as Angharradh's Favour*)
Djaea (U): Djaea's Blessing (as Chauntea's Blessing*)
Eiryndul (U): Eiryndul's Grace (as Corellon's Grace)
Frey & Freyja (G): Poise of the Twins (as Ioun's Poise)
Garal Glitterlode (U): Glitterglode's Gambit (as Glittergold's Gambit)*
Halav (LG): Armour of Halav (as Armour of Bahamut)
High Heroes (U): Resolve of the High Heroes (Moradin's Resolve)
Ilsundal (U): Blessing of Ilsundal (as Blessing of Silvanus*)
Ixion (G): Ixion's Radiance (as Pelor's Radiance)
Kagyar (U): Kagyar's Craft (as Gond's Craft*)
Khoronus (U): Khoronus' Grace (as Corellon's Grace)
Koryis (G): Harmony of Koryis (as Harmony of Erathis)
Minroth (U): Minroth's Gift (as Sheela Peryroyl's Gift*)
Noumena (U): Noumena's Recall (as Oghma's Recall*)
Ordana (U): Ordana's Gift (as Sheela Peryroyl's Gift*)
Petra (G): Petra's Rescue (as Avandra's Rescue)
Protius (U): Protius' Tide (as Melora's Tide)
Rathanos (U): Power of Rathanos (as Power of Aumanator*)
Tarastia (LG): Tarastia's Justice (as Torm's Justice*)
Teuz (U): Teuz's Blessing (as Raven Queen's Blessing)
Tor (G): Righteous Rage of Tor (as Righteous Rage of Tempus*)
Tyche (U): Tyche's Coin (as Tymora's Coin*)
Valerias (U): Valerias' Kiss (as Sune's Touch*)
Vanya (U): Vanya's Favour (as Kord's Favour)
Zirchev (G): Fleetness of Zirchev (as Fleetness of Mielikki*)

LG: Lawful Good
G: Good
U: Unaligned
* Feat from Forgotten Realms Player's Guide.