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Demihuman feats

by argentmantle

The most basic conversion to the ‘Mystaran’ races is the simple addition of some feats that basically add in some of the ‘feel’ of the BECMI races. When combined with the Regional Benefits looks to add a healthy splash of Mystaran flavour while still preserving the 4E meta-mechanics.

The idea with these conversions is that a player new to Mystara can walk up to the game table and not have to worry about a host of ‘house rules’ on ‘core’ races. It also keeps GMs new to Mystara from having an aneurism when they start looking at my personal conversions. (I'll reserve any brain haemorrhages to myself!)

Heroic Tier Feats
Elven Resistance [Eladrin, Elf]
Prerequisites: Eladrin, Elf
Benefit: You gain a +5 racial bonus to saving throws against immobilisation by Undead.

Denial [Halfling]
Prerequisites: Halfling, second chance racial power
Benefit: You may use for second chance racial power to force an enemy to roll an attack again on any ally within 6.

Paragon Tier Feats
Magic Resistance [Dwarf, Halfling]
Prerequisites: Dwarf, Halfling, 11th Level
Benefit: You gain use of the Magic Resistance as an At-Will power.

Magic Resistance Dwarven Racial Power
You are especially resistant to magical damage.
Free Action Personal
Effect: You gain Variable Resistance 5.
At 21st level the resistance improves to 10.

Evade Breath Weapon [Eladrin, Elf, Halfling]
Prerequisites: Elf, Halfling, 11th Level
Benefit: You gain Resistance 10 against Breath Weapons.
At 21st level, this resistance increases to 20.

And a special thanks to Agathokles for suggesting using paragon tier feats for the BECMI abilities.