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King Doriath

by John Walter Biles

King Doriath, Elven Level 20 Elite Soldier
Medium fey Humanoid XP 5600
Aura 5; all non-Elven allies gain +1 to Perception (racial bonus)
Initiative +20 Senses Perception +19; low-light vision
HP 388; Bloodied 194
AC 36; Fortitude 34 (36)@, Reflex 34, Will 31
Saving Throws +2 Action Points 1
Speed 7 (6 in Platemail)
m Longsword (standard; at-will) | Martial, Weapon
+27 vs. AC; 3d6+8 damage and marked
M Tide of Iron (standard; at-will) | Martial, Weapon
+27 vs. AC; 3d6+8 damage and push the target 1 square and marked
Colour Spray (standard; at-will) | Arcane, Radiant
Close Blast 3; +25 vs. Reflex; 3d6+8 Radiant Damage and prone
Sudden Shield Bash (Immediate Interrupt; Refresh 5-6) | Martial
Triggered when an enemy next to him shifts or makes an attack which doesnít include him as the target; +25 vs. Fortitude; target is stunned until the end of his next turn.
Shield Wall (Minor; Daily) | Martial, Stance
For the duration of the encounter or 5 minutes, he and all adjacent allies have cover.
Reverberating Shield (Immediate Interrupt; Daily) | Martial
When an adjacent enemy misses him or an adjacent ally, the target is dazed and weakened (save ends both)
Covering Action
When using a shield, he can spend an action point to gain superior cover until the end of his next turn, instead of an extra action.
Shield Bearerís Payback
Every time an enemy adjacent to him attacks an ally, he gains a cumulative +2 to his next melee damage roll
Shielded Stamina
@When using a Shield, he adds the Shieldís bonus to his fortitude defence.
Transpose (Free; encounter)
As a free action, he may swap places with someone he has just struck in melee.
Giant Strength
*+2 to Strength and Athletics Checks. Once a day as a free action, he adds +10 to damage on a single attack
Thunderhead Reflection (Immediate Reaction; Daily)
When he takes Lightning or Thunder damage, all enemies within 2 squares take 5 points of energy of the same type.
Elven Accuracy (free; encounter)
The elf can reroll an attack roll, adding +2 to the result. It must use the second roll, even if itís lower.
Wild Step
The elf ignores difficult terrain when it shifts.
Ritual Magic
King Doriath has studied Ritual magics, and has learned a handful of rituals of the DMís choice.
Alignment Good Languages Common, Elven, Darokinian, Makai, Orc
Skills Athletics +13*#, Diplomacy+21, Insight +22, Nature +24, Stealth +19#
Str 20 (+15 (17)*) Dex 26 (+18) Wis 25 (+17)
Con 26 (+18) Int 21 (+15) Cha 22 (+16)
Equipment Thunderhead Plate +3, Heavy Shield, Belt of Giant Strength, +3 Transposing Longsword . # His Armour + Shield = -4 penalty to Str, Dex, and Con skills.

King Doriath is a retired adventurer and outside formal occasions, is very friendly with such of all races. He is serious and solemn when ruling, but also just and fair and merciful. He speaks Common with an Ierendian accent.