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Immortal Equivalents of 4E deities, by nation

by Giampaolo Agosta

If the purpose is mostly to handle on the fly conversions for adventures, then the list should be region-sensitive.
E.g., Vanya may replace Bane in some regions, but other Immortals may be more useful elsewhere -- e.g., Brissard in Alphatia, and, as already pointed out, Kaarash in the Broken Lands.
While Havard clearly focuses on the KW, even there there are some cases where things are clearly nation dependent on a smaller scale: e.g., Erathis might replaced by be Khoronus or Petra, in some regions, but in Karameikos, the Church of Karameikos (Vanya, if you want an Immortal) fits better. Same in Thyatis, where Vanya should take both Erathis' (Church of Thyatis) and Bane's (Hattian branch) role.
On the same line, Masauwu fits Asmodeus well, but Loki would be a more suitable replacement in the Northern Reaches.

  Thyatis Northern Reaches Darokin Karameikos
Avandra Asterius/Tyche Loki Asterius/Nob Nar Asterius/Nob Nar
Bahamut Tarastia/Vanya Forsetta/Thor Al Kalim Halav/Tarastia
Corellon Ixion Odin Ilsundal Ilsundal/Zirchev
Erathis Tarastia/Vanya Forsetta Khoronus Petra/Tarastia
Ioun Odin/Tiresias Odin/The Norns Twelve Watchers Zirchev/Ilsundal
Kord Thor Thor Thor Halav/Vanya
Melora Protius/Terra Freyja Zirchev Zirchev/Ilsundal
Moradin Kagyar Kagyar Kagyar Kagyar
Pelor Ixion Frey Ixion Petra/Asterius
The Raven Queen Nyx Hel Nyx Nyx
Sehanine Valerias Freyja/Loki Valerias/Asterius Asterius
Io Great One Great One Great One Great One
Llolth Thanatos Thanatos Thanatos Thanatos
Tharizdun Thanatos Thanatos Thanatos Thanatos
Asmodeus Masauwu Loki Masauwu Masauwu
Bane Vanya Gylgarid Karaash Vanya/Karaash
Gruumsh Alphaks Leptar Leptar Leptar
Torog Nyx Leptar Jammudaru Jammudaru
Vecna Thanatos Loki Thanatos Thanatos
Zehir Talitha Hel Atzanteotl Hel
Orcus Orcus Orcus Orcus Orcus
Demogorgon Demogorgon Demogorgon Demogorgon Demogorgon
Tiamat Alphaks Kurtulmak Jammudaru Jammudaru
Yeenoghu Ranivorus Ranivorus Ranivorus Ranivorus