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Jaervosz Dustyboots

by John Walter Biles

Jaervosz Dustyboots, Sheriff of Seashire, (Battle Captain) Level 15 Elite Soldier (Leader)
Small natural humanoid XP 1200
Initiative +13 Senses Perception +15
HP 292; Bloodied 146
AC 33; Fortitude 29, Reflex 27, Will 29
Saving Throws: +7 vs. Fear affects, +2 against all others
Action Points 1
Speed 5
m Rod of Justice (standard; at-will)
Before he attacks, one ally adjacent to him or the target may shift one square; +22 vs. AC; 2d8 + 6 damage.
M Justice Touch (Immediate Reaction; Daily)
Upon hitting someone with his Rod of Justice, he may use this power afterwards: +20 vs. Fortitude: 1d10+6 Psychic Damage and Immobilised (save ends)
M Knightly Command (standard; at-will)
One ally makes an immediate basic melee attack on the target, who must be adjacent to Jaervosz
Expert Commander (standard; at-will)
Jaervosz may use either Knightly Command or Rod of Justice twice or use each once.
M Lion’s Roar (standard; Refresh 5-6)
+20 vs. AC; 4d8+6 damage and he or one ally within 5 squares may spend a healing surge (recover 1/4th HP), adding +7 to the HP regained.
M Force Retreat (standard; Refresh 6)
+20 vs. AC; 4d8+6 damage and push the target 5 squares. Secondary Attack: Against every opponent adjacent to the target within your melee reach. +16 vs. Fortitude; 2d6+5 damage and push 1.
Inspiring Word (Minor; 2/Encounter)
Close Burst 5; the single target may spend a healing surge (recover 1/4th HP), adding 3d6 to the amount healed.
Denial (Immediate Reaction; Refresh 5-6) | Divine
Jaervosz targets a zone or conjuration; +20 vs. Will of its creator; the zone or conjuration is dispelled.
Battle Action
When he spends an action point to get an extra action, his allies get +1 to attack until the end of his next turn.
Cry Havoc
On the first round of combat (or the surprise round and first round if appropriate), he and all allies within 10 squares gain a +2 bonus to attacks
Nimble Reaction
Halflings gain a +2 racial bonus to AC against opportunity attacks.
Second Chance (immediate interrupt, when the halfling would be hit by an attack; encounter)
The Halfling forces the attacker to reroll the attack at –2 to hit and take the new result.
Alignment Good Languages Common, Hin
Skills: Acrobatics +11*, Athletics +16*, Endurance +15*, History + 17, Stealth +9*, Thievery +11* Skills with a * are reduced by 2 to reflect how heavily armoured he is.
Str 23 (+13) Dex 18 (+11) Wis 16 (+10)
Con 20 (+12) Int 20 (+12) Cha 23 (+13)
Equipment Plate Armour, Light Shield, Rod of Justice (+2 Rod (1d8), +2d8 on Critical, Daily Hold Power),

Jaervosz is probably one of the toughest people in the Shire, known for his abnormally high strength for a Halfling. His personal fighting prowess and his skills at military organisation have led the other Sheriffs to defer to him in organising the military of the Shires. He views his perpetual efforts to keep the military ready for anything in a time of relative peacefulness as key to avoiding any future disasters of the kind which have often afflicted the Hin when peace lasted too long.