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by John Walter Biles

4E uses a fairly simple language system; the goal of this post is to create a fairly simple language system for 4E which is adapted to Mystaran conditions. It thus crams lots of languages in Classic D&D versions of Mystara together to try to create something succinct and easy to use, modelled on the standard 4E structure.

The Languages:

Common (Neathar / Thyatian): The Thyatian Dialect of the ancient human Neathar language is the predominant language of the Known World humans. Many dialects exist but for game purposes are one language.
Oltec: This human language is the predominant language of Sind, Ethengar, and the Atruaghin Clans.
Tanagoro: Common in other parts of Mystara, only the Pearl Islanders and the Makai speak it in the Known World; it's also the dominant language in the Divinarchy of Yav.
Alphatian: Fairly divergent dialects of this are spoken in Alphatia, Bellisaria, Ochelea, and by some in Glantri. The Flaemish speak a dialect of this, even if they pretend not to have that connection.
Beastman / Goblin: Most forms of Humanoids speak this language. It was the language of the beastmen but is most commonly called 'Goblin' today. (Goblins, Hobgoblins, Bugbears, Orcs, and Gnolls speak this.)
Draconic: Dragons, Dragonborn, Kobolds, Lizardmen and other Reptillian humanoids speak this tongue.
Dwarven: Dwarves and Gnomes speak this language.
Elemental: Elemental creatures speak this language.
Entropic: Creatures of Entropy speak this language
Elven / Fae: Elves, Eladrin, and faerie creatures speak this language.
Giant: Giants and Ogres speak this language.
Immortal: Immortal creatures and the immortals themselves speak this tongue.
Nightmare: Things from the Nightmare dimension speak this language, which is also known as 'Diabolic'.

When converting from canon 4E to use material in Mystara,
Primordial --> Elemental or possibly Nightmare.
Abyssal -->Entropic