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by Christopher Richard Davies

Thar * Level 24 Solo Soldier (Leader)
Medium natural humanoid (undead) * XP 30,250
Initiative +15 Senses Perception +13; darkvision
HP 1045; Bloodied 522
AC 41; Fortitude 43, Reflex 35, Will 39
Immune disease, poison
Resist 15 necrotic
Vulnerable radiant 10
Saving Throws +5
Speed 5 (+2 when charging)
Action Points 2
Melee Basic: Bastard Sword (standard, at will)
+32 vs. AC; 2d10+12 damage
Melee: Furious Smash (standard, at will) * Martial, Weapon
+32 vs. Fortitude; 7 damage, and one ally adjacent to Thar or to the target gets +5 power bonus to attack and damage rolls against the target. If the ally doesn't attack the target before the end of his or her next turn, the bonus is lost.
Melee: GET OVER IT! (standard, encounter) * Healing, Martial, Weapon
+32 vs. AC; 4d10+12 damage and each ally within 5 squares of Thar can make a saving throw.
Melee: Chaaaaaaaaarge! (standard, encounter) * Martial, Weapon
+32 vs. AC; 2d10+12 damage, and one ally within 5 squares of Thar can charge the target as a free action.
Melee: Make Them Bleed (daily, encounter) * Martial, Weapon
+32 vs. AC; 3d10+12 damage, and ongoing 5 damage (save ends). Effect: Until the end of the encounter, when Thar or an ally hits the target, that attack also deals ongoing 5 damage (save ends).
Melee: Blood Drain (standard, encounter; recharges when an adjacent creature becomes bloodied) * Healing
Requires combat advantage. +26 vs. Fortitude; 2d12+5 damage, and the target is weakened (save ends), and Thar regains 261 hit points.
Ranged: Dominating Gaze (minor, recharge on 6) * Charm
Ranged 5; +26 vs. Will; the target is dominated (save ends, with a -2 penalty to the saving throw). After-effect: The target is dazed (save ends). Thar can dominate only one creature at a time.
Close Burst: I SAID, GET OVER IT! (minor, three times per encounter) * Healing, Martial
Close burst 15; Target: Thar or one ally in burst. The target can spend a healing surge and regain an additional 5d6 hit points.
Close Burst: Banner of Thar (standard, encounter) * Healing, Martial
Close burst 5; Target: Each ally in burst. Each target can spend a healing surge. Until the end of Thar's next turn, each target gains a +2 power bonus to attacks.
Mist Form (standard; encounter) * Polymorph
Thar becomes insubstantial and gains a fly speed of 12, but cannot make attacks. Thar can remain in mist form for up to 1 hour or end the effect as a minor action.
Bloodthirsty Offensive (minor, daily) * Martial, Stance
Until the stance ends, Thar grants combat advantage to all enemies. In addition, Thar and each ally within 10 squares of him gain a +2 power bonus to attack rolls
against bloodied enemies. Also, each time Thar or an ally within 10 squares of him spends an action point to take an extra action, that character can make a basic attack as a free action before taking the extra action.
Combat Leader
Each ally within 10 squares who can see and hear Thar gains a +2 power bonus to initiative.
Battle Lord Tactics
Thar and his allies deal an extra 3d6 damage against enemies flanked by Thar.
Battle Talent
Thar can score critical hits on attack rolls of natural 19 and 20.
Inspiring Assault
Whenever he scores a critical hit, Thar and all allies within 5 squares of him regain 12 hit points.
Alignment: Evil; Languages: Abyssal, Common, Dwarvish, Giant, Goblin.
Skills Athletics +24, Endurance +20, Intimidate +22, Religion +19
Str 25 (+19), Dex 12 (+13), Wis 13 (+13)
Con 17 (+15), Int 14 (+14), Cha 21 (+17)
Equipment: +5 bastard sword, chain mail.