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Mystara 4E Themes

by John Walter Biles

Dark Sun 4E introduced the idea of the 'Theme'. A theme gives you an extra encounter power at first level, and a set of powers you can take as you go up in level to level 10, instead of your standard class powers. They also typically open up some Paragon paths.

The Dark Sun ones are things like 'Athasian Minstrel', 'Gladiator, 'Primal Guardian', etc.

Any member of any class or race can generally take a theme, though some combinations are usually more common.

Here's some thoughts on Themes for Mystara:

Adventuring Youth (such as Sheared in Karameikos, Hin on Yallara, etc) (Power Source: Martial, Secondary Role: Leader)
Explorer Paragon Path
Professional Adventurer Paragon Path
Merchant (Power Source: Arcane, Secondary Role: Leader)
Darokinian Merchant-Prince Paragon Path
Minrothad Merchant Prince Paragon Path
Pirate (Power Source: Martial, Secondary Role: Striker)
Pirate Captain Paragon Path
Wandering Sailor (think Sinbad) Paragon Path
Rake (Power Source: Martial, Secondary Role: Controller)
Gentleman Bandit Paragon Path
Thief of Hearts Paragon Path
Sophisticated Urbanite (Inhabitants of Glantri City, Specularum, Thyatis City, Darokin City and other major urban centers) (Power Source: Martial, Secondary Role: Controller)
Intriguer Paragon Path
Urban Politician Paragon Path