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Map of Adri Varma plateau

by Wuddy

I'm currently running an Adri Varma campaign, and just finished a labor of love for my players, a hand-drawn map of the area from the perspective of a Hulean cartographer.

All of my Mystara campaigns have benefit enormously from the resources here, and I wanted to post a small something in hopes that some of you might get a kick out of it. You all are the best.

The language on the map is meant to be Hulean script, which I envisioned as a combination of Ottoman Turkish and cuneiform mathematical notation. IMC, the spoken word is a playground for ambiguity and deception to Huleans; only mathematics is pure.

Grouzhina is west, Galannor is north, Wendar and Denagoth to the east, and Glantri southeast. Adri Varma is there in the middle!