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Ancient Nithia 1500BC-8 mile hexes

by Robin

This 8 mile map of Ancient Nithia (Mystara D&D) was based upon the works of James Mishler and Thorfinn Tait, based upon Canon (official) and Fanon (by fans) information, mixed together  with the old PC game Stone Prophet AD&D Ravenloft.
It all fits like a glove.
I succeeded to Mix the Old AD&D Ravenloft game Stone Prophet (which was based upon an AD&D Ravenloft adventure module which I forgot its name). The PC game was very good, and I drew all the maps out in those days by hand and mixed them with the sporadic information in those days of Nithia.
In my game it was not a wall of fire preventing the PC's from venturing beyond Nithias borders (like in the Stone Prophet game) but initially a wall of time (heated though) and the cliffs and steep hillsides of Nithia (caused by earlier erodation by the Nithia river.) Later I abandoned the whole "wall" idea, and let the hero's wander of in a different world.