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Arogansa, 8 miles per hex

by Thorfinn Tait
rogansa is first and foremost, at least from the point of view of those who may benefit from it, a realm where one goes for rest and recreation.  It offers in good faith, if the price is right, anything ranging from mindless entertainment to secluded serenity.  Phantasmal fakery defines the most popular and affordable attractions.  Yet, those whose arcane skills and standards of living permit may experience profound and perhaps life-changing events at the more exclusive estates.  Nonetheless, beach-going wizards, their families, their retinues, fun-seeking bachelors, sight-seeing sages, underage warlocks celebrating their season breaks, and overworked enchanters swirl together amid a debauchery of high fashion and utter snobbery. Truly idyllic and enthralling palaces remain within the sphere of the wealthy wizardkind and select ecclesiastics of eminent talent.  For the masses of native workers, alas, it imposes a humble life spent hiding from sight until summoned.  They remain entirely at the service and mercy of the ruling class.  All said, Arogansa embodies all that is fabulous about magocracies, and all that is deeply reviled.

from Bruce Heard’s The Alphatian Province of Arogansa


Updated map of the Alphatian Province of Arogansa, 8 miles per hex (updated 27th June 2018)



As with all his Alphatia 8 mile per hex maps, Bruce Heard added a great deal of detail and character to the region when converting from 24 miles per hex.  The Atlas considers Bruce’s map to be the definitive source for Lower Stoutfellow.

There are numerous instances of river bifurcation in this map.  Perhaps the Alphatians enjoy splitting their rivers as a matter of aesthetics.


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