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Arm of the Immortals, 24 miles per hex

by Thorfinn Tait


The Arm of the Immortals from Dragon 200, Red Steel, Savage Baronies and CM1; includes original material 24 miles per hex by Thorf, April 2005 and January 2016

Notes on Updated map

The Brun outline from CM1 allowed this expansion, providing a guide for the coastlines. †It was quite a good match, except for the top left and bottom right of Dragon 200ís map. †But this is no problem ó at most it results in two or three extra rows of hexes in a couple of locations.

The bottom half of the map is from Dragon 200, with shallow and deep water added in. †The tip of the Orcís Head Peninsula is visible on the right ó for now, just enough to see the dimensions of the Strait of Yalu. †I will undoubtedly expand the map to include the Orcís Head Peninsula and the whole of Yalu Bay before long.

The top of the map is divided in half, with the right hand side adapted from†Red Steel and†Savage Baronies, and the left hand side (including the plateaus) completely my own invention.

I noticed that the Endworld Line doesnít come all the way down to the Arm of the Immortals, so I have left a gap between the mountain ranges in the north. †The idea is that the mountains in the top left are the beginnings of the Endworld Line.

This is very much a work in progress, so feel free to chime in if you have any thoughts, ideas, etc.